Best Green Home Ideas: A Solution to Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

A twenty-first-century home should be sustainable. Lessening a home’s negative impact on the environment is a must in a world suffering from climate change.

Today, more people are looking toward building a sustainable home. This is because a green home is cost-effective, minimizes negative environmental impacts, and can be fully customized to fit a family’s requirements.

What makes a home sustainable?

Here are the best green home designs and ideas that make for a sustainable abode.

Home layout and size

A good home size should consider family size and requirements. Small homes are not always the best option if you have a large family. Consider comfortable living without being excessive when thinking of home size.

The ideal layout of your home should take your location and resources into consideration as well.

Long before the idea of sustainable homes became mainstream, one architectural firm in Sweden designed a unique home that is a model of sustainability and flexibility. Unika Stenhus, as designed by SAR Ola Torrång, is built using concrete stone.

The house has a simple design with features that promote eco-friendly living. This includes a structural design that can be size customized.

As you have more children, adding room in Unika Stenhus can be done without any renovation job. The load-bearing walls can be adjusted to put in more beams. When the children move out during adulthood, simply downsize by removing room partitions.

 Sustainable construction materials

The building materials for your home are the foundation of its sustainability. All environment-friendly efforts will start with this.

Stone, concrete, timber, bricks, bamboo, and bricks are a few examples of sustainable building materials. Each of these has its own pros and cons.

For example, stone is one sustainable building material that has been used for centuries. It is time-tested to be durable because it is basically indestructible. It is rustproof, windproof, fireproof, etc. It does not require constant maintenance too.

Stone’s raw materials do not contain any harmful compound or element making them non-toxic. It is also known to have a low carbon content. To boot, its high thermal mass component makes it an ideal building material in areas with temperate weather.

Timber is another good building material as it has a low carbon imprint. Plus, it significantly reduces construction time and cost.

Different locations have different construction requirements, but as long as the construction materials foster an energy-efficient structure, it’s a good start.

 Proper insulation and energy efficiency

A sustainable home is a well-insulated home. An efficient heating and cooling system keeps cold air during the summer and keeps warm air during winter. This is considered the standard of good energy efficiency.

Unika Stenhus features an efficient insulation system. The home’s stone structure keeps the home cool all day. It also features a skylight dome with mirrors at the side. The mirrors reflect light onto the entire floor. During especially hot summer days, the dome can be opened to push the hot air out.

In line with an energy-efficient system, smart appliances keep your home sustainable. The initial investment may be at a heftier price than its counterpart, but high-energy rating appliances are cost-effective energy savers in the long run.

Use of renewable energy

Solar panels are a popular renewable energy source used in most households today. Aside from this, other renewable energy sources for home use include wind turbines, biomass systems, and hydroelectric systems.

It’s best to talk to your local energy provider to consider which options work best for your requirements.

Living greens


An indoor garden has a lot of amazing benefits. It helps circulate the air inside, increases oxygen levels, and keeps the air fresh. Aside from this, having an indoor garden promotes well-being, lessens stress, increases focus, and boosts productivity.

There is a variety of indoor gardens you can have in your home. These days, smart greens are the most popular. Talk with your contractor about your options.


The path to a greener lifestyle starts with you. A green home should be beneficial in the short and long run. One that does not only have a positive impact on your lifestyle but on the environment foremost.

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