Seventy-one check marks beside the word “guilty.”  So ended the months-long 2014 trial against decorated combat veterans and former Department of State contractors Nick Slatten, Paul Slough, Evan Liberty, and Dustin Heard.

Though you may not recognize their names, you know their story.  Rather, you know the story the government alleged, the media reported, and the jury seemingly accepted—that these four members of Blackwater’s Tactical Support Team Raven 23 opened fire on unarmed Iraqi civilians in an unprovoked attack in Baghdad’s Nisur Square traffic circle on September 16, 2007, after stopping traffic to establish a route of egress for another team that had been attacked by a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED).

For those who know the men of Raven 23 and the details of their case, this story is not the truth. And, as the growing number of Raven 23 supporters indicates, those who take the time to look are finding the overwhelming evidence that Raven 23 took insurgent fire and that several members of the team used the proper sequence of escalating force to stop what no less than eight eyewitnesses testified was a reasonably perceived VBIED threat from a white Kia that broke from the stopped traffic and accelerated toward Raven 23. (most images below will expand into a gallery upon click, giving you a closer view)

However, those who take the time to look are also finding proof of how, rather than confront this evidence head-on, the Department of Justice subverted the judicial process to ensure the jury would have no choice other than to return guilty verdicts, notwithstanding the evidence establishing reasonable doubt for every charge alleged.  This is the truth behind the Raven 23 convictions that everyone should know.

For nearly seven years, the DOJ suppressed evidence proving that Raven 23 took incoming insurgent fire.  Within 30 minutes of the Nisur Square incident, an Army Captain was on scene to informally survey and report to his superiors.  He took several photographs, including a photograph of spent AK-47 shell casings behind a bus stop that corresponded to one of the locations from which members of Raven 23 had reported receiving incoming fire.

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