Amal Ahmed Abdullahi, a Somali immigrant, says non-believers of Islam should die. That message didn’t go over too well with her companies HR department when the radical Islamic follower of Allah’s co-workers began voicing their concerns to upper management.

In a police report the suspect is quoted as saying she is “ready to die for Allah. Her life starts after death, her life is not here” and that “this whole country will be muslim soon” referring to The United States – and that “all these unbelievers should die” as well. According to her co-workers she then stated that she should pick up a gun and shoot people there, at her work.

According to Nashville Metro Police, the address listed on her drivers license was a vacant lot.

After the police caught up with her she initially denied having a religious conversation but later recanted her story and admitted that she did in fact speak the words her co-workers accused her of.

She’s currently being held on a $50,000 bond.

If you want a laugh, check out this guys comment at about the 1:45 second mark of the video below – “this is in no way reflective of Nashville’s Muslim community.”

Don’t cha just love PC? … it’s here. These people can’t even be arrested without apologies going out the the rest of the “precious, victimized” Muslim community.

Post Author: jandcexposed