1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna

In March of 2009, convicted of killing a known Al Qaeda operative while serving in Iraq, Army Ranger 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna was sent to Leavenworth prison for a duration of 25 years. The Al Qaeda terrorist, ali mansur, had killed two of Behenna’s comrades and injured two others the previous year. Mansur was on the governments kill/capture list.

But Army intelligence ordered the release of the suspect and Michael was burdened with returning the terrorist to his home. (perhaps whomever made the decision to release mansur should be in prison, that would seem more of a credible charge)

During the return Mansur attacked Lt. Behenna and the Lieutenant killed the terrorist in self defense, doing the world and especially American citizens a huge favor. The United States Government, who itself ordered Michael Behenna to war in Iraq with the clear mission of defeating terrorism – who had a clear tag of kill/capture on this terrorist,  subsequently prosecuted Lt. Behenna for premeditated murder and won.

This, from a government that flies unmanned drone aircraft into foreign countries and decimates entire city blocks of men women and children, blindly, for the purpose of political gain on the eve of a federal election. For that same government to stand in judgement of an American Hero like Lieutenant Behenna, is a most ironic travesty and a gross miscarriage of justice in the true sense of the term.

This case was brought to the attention of DCX recently because of the results of Michael’s July 5th final appeal just last week: it was denied and his legal defense has now exhausted all recourse.

Michael’s parents, family and friends, have set up a website to bring attention to his cause and that website is located here: http://www.defendmichael.com/ 

On their site you’ll find much more information about Michael Behenna’s case, current appeals status, media links, photo’s, video’s and much more. There’s also a link to an online petition which is located here: Michael Behenna Petition.

I would include more info here but I don’t want to detract from their website, which is where you should head to immediately to become involved, but I do have a few things to say, if for no other reason than to simply get the frustration off of my chest:

I have a son of my own sitting in prison. My son is NOT a soldier, although the circumstances surrounding his incarceration are very disturbing. I’ve fought, set up a website, set up multiple petitions, faxed every politician on the east coast,  written letters, hired attorneys and scratched and clawed everyday for my son because I know he doesn’t deserve to be where he is, and he doesn’t deserve to be suffering; to the Behenna family I can honestly say, to a certain degree, I know how you must feel. But for Michael’s parent’s the nightmare must be three fold because their son should actually be honored for his service and sacrifice, and instead he’s treated like a common criminal. My son actually did commit a crime, but 6 to 8 years in state prison as a first time offender of a non violent crime at the young age of 17 is unjust. It’s been my passion for over two years now. BUT … even my sons case, as abhorrent as his treatment by the courts, and the prosecutors, and his own legal counsel has been … even  though I cry a little very day and say a prayer for him every night, and even though I’m heartbroken to lose my own flesh and blood under such circumstances …. even that completely pales in comparison to the injustice that has taken place in the case of Michael Behenna.

I have never, in 42 years of living, been made aware of any fact that made me physically ill, the way that this case has.

If this is the destiny that awaits our faithful troops in exchange for doing their jobs and protecting America and her citizens, as well as her obviously corrupted to the core government – how long will it be, how many generations away are we, from the day that no one signs up anymore? I would like to remind you, and the people responsible for the incarceration of Michael Behenna, that this is a VOLUNTEER FORCE! Our children don’t have to sign up to be shipped off to death valley, just to be sent back in a pine box or to be locked up in a cage as reward for bravery,  honor and valor.

If this judgement stands, and Michael Behenna spends the time he’s been allotted in prison, this nation will eventually fall to the very disease which is causing this type of absolutely reprehensible behavior from our elected officials and those in positions of power and judgement.

The DCX family stands with the Behenna family and true patriots like Rep. Allen West who want to see justice prevail for Michael Behenna. He should be released at once, and those responsible for his captivity should take his place.

If the case of Travon Martin can cause more than 1 million Americans to sign a petition, this case should easily garner 100 million, but as to date it has drawn only 20,000 plus. But it’s not too late for America to get behind this hero and in a resounding voice of unity demand his release, or at least a new trial.

Please click the blue facebook share button below and share this message with ALL of your friends, and urge them to do the same. If you have lots of twitter followers then please share it with them. If we can’t do that, considering the severity of this injustice, then God help us, we deserve whatever it is “they” decide to do to us.

Can you click a button to help save the life of a man who gave his all, to protect your liberty and freedom?

Post Author: jandcexposed