Toby is a conservative political cartoonist from Ohio. He was always into art, and got interested in political cartoons while in junior high. It wasn’t until his time at the University of Cincinnati that he began creating cartoons for “The News Record” and since that time he hasn’t been able to stop. By day he is an electrical engineer, by night he becomes a member of the VRWC and creates his cartoons. After college, Toby published some single panel cartoons in a magazine called “Funny Stuff” and has had his political cartoons published in his local paper, but the majority of his work can be seen on the web. In 2004, Toby created the site TobyToons ( and some of his cartoons were published on the website in the column “Grrrr.” Since then, his cartoons were featured on, and many other sites. He also does freelance work that has been used in campaign materials across the country.

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