The Nightmare Diaries© created by Michael Pohrer features characters that travel in the circles up on the hill. The series originated in 2007 as a spin-off from the editorial cartoons. The original run was created as an asked for fan feature when the readers realized Michael also created cartoon strips besides editorial one-shots. The initial 2007 run was a very limited series that ran for one full week. In 2008 the series returned with a limited run for one full month. Eventually during 2008 the entire series’ art work was reworked and published into comic book form that featured the final pages as pin-ups. The issue was also printed up as an Artist Edition that featured original sketches on the final page of each issue. The Nightmare Diaries© in comic book form was the third volume from the Bushwhacked Comic Book Annuals 2006, 2007, 2008.

Fellow cartoon fans PC Studios is proud to present The Nightmare Diaries© Revisited 2012. Witness the return of spectacular ridiculousness in fabulous 2-D.
(Please feel free to upgrade yourself by donning the old school Red/Blue cardboard 3-D glasses and read the funnies in amazement at the nonsense.)








Nightmare Diaries 8

Nightmare Diaries 9

Nightmare Diaries 10

Nightmare Diaries 11

Nightmare Diaries 12

Nightmare Diaries 13

Nightmare Diaries 14

Nightmare Diaries 15

Nightmare Diaries 16

Nightmare Diaries 17

Nightmare Diaries 18

Nightmare Diaries 19

to be continued …

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