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Supreme Court Debating Atheist’s Complaint Of Christian Prayer at Town Meetings

The Supreme court is currently debating complaints brought by co-plaintiffs Linda Stephens and Susan Galloway who are challenging the town policy of Greece, New York saying officials there repeatedly ignored their requests to modify or eliminate the practice of opening their monthly meetings with invocations they say have been overwhelmingly …

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Pro-Gay Workplace ENDA Bill Passes Senate – McCain & Flake Get Onboard

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, currently being debated in the U.S. Senate, provides special job protections and guarantees for homosexuals and transgenders and according to critics puts a target on churches and religious organizations if they refuse to hire someone who openly violates their faith principles. Those opposed to ENDA claim …

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McAllifie(D) vs. Cuccineli(R)
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Virginia’s Brutal Battle for Governor: Clinton Liberal Vs. Tea Party Conservative

It’s extreme left vs extreme right in Virginia’s upcoming election set for Tuesday November 5th, with high profile  members of both political groups stumping for their respective candidate. On the left it’s Democrat Terry McAuliffe, best friend and moneyman of the Clinton family and obamacare advocate versus Republican Ken Cuccinelli, …

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