John McCain: The U.S. is NOT Supplying Arms to Syrian Rebels – VIDEO
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John McCain Says U.S. is Not Providing Arms to Syrian Rebels – VIDEO

Senator John McCain appeared on Piers Morgan’s CNN program Thursday night discussing the Syrian conflict. Near the end of the video above this exchange occurs: Morgan: If, as reports suggest, the CIA has been giving arms to the rebels … [interrupted by McCain] McCain: By the way that’s not true! Morgan: …

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RINOs Vs Conservatives on House Spending Bill: “More Obamacare Hocus Pocus”

Many conservative lawmakers in Congress have made it clear they won’t support legislation that doesn’t fully defund Obamacare aka The Affordable Care Act – causing GOP leaders in the lower chamber to delay a vote on a continuing resolution to fund federal programs through December 15 which had been slated …

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