Contribute your quality politcal news content to D.C. Xposed for optimum Xposure!

WordPress dashboard interface

We are currently recruiting content creationists who wish to have an instant audience and instant impact for their work. D.C. Xposed is fully integrated with all major search engines and quality content does appear instantly in  search results on google and bing, as well as thousands of smaller engines all over the net.

All content created and submitted for inclusion on this website is manually converted into an RSS feed and delivered to sites such as, pinged at over 180 pinging websites, and literally hand delivered to a vast network of social media sites. You’ll be able to keep track of your submissions popularity via the share buttons attached to your work as well as our popularity ranking widget that constantly scrapes this website and publicly ranks all current content for factors such as social media shares, page views, comments, etc. If you write about a hot, cutting edge topic, you’re guaranteed a huge audience.

For those familiar with wordpress, you’ll be given a contributors log in and allowed to create your own articles. Those who prefer to write and leave the technical side to us, we will be glad to submit your work for you, just use our contact form to send us your details.

All content creationists are required to have a current log-in so they can be credited for their work but you can use an alias if you so desire. An authors bio feature is also available for those who would like to dress up their articles a little more.

We look forward to working with you during this exciting election year, and hope our hard work culminates in a better future for ourselves, our children, and our beautiful America.



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Managing Editor
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