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John McCain: The U.S. is NOT Supplying Arms to Syrian Rebels – VIDEO
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John McCain Says U.S. is Not Providing Arms to Syrian Rebels – VIDEO

Senator John McCain appeared on Piers Morgan’s CNN program Thursday night discussing the Syrian conflict. Near the end of the video above this exchange occurs: Morgan: If, as reports suggest, the CIA has been giving arms to the rebels … [interrupted by McCain] McCain: By the way that’s not true! Morgan: …

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Will the U.S. Attack Syria Without Approval: “You’re Not Getting an Answer” – VIDEO
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Will the US Attack Syria Without Approval: You’re Not Getting an Answer – VIDEO

U.S. President Barack Obama, answering questions during a press conference from Russia on Friday, received a rare drilling by members of the mainstream media and was asked by CNN’s Brianna Keilar if the U.S. was going to launch strikes against Syria regardless of whether Congress approves it. The President dodged the …

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Obama Losing Support in Congress After Modifying Terms of the “Red Line”
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Obama Losing Support in Congress After Modifying Terms of His Syrian “Red Line”

Republican congressman Michael Grimm on Monday voiced support for U.S. President Barack Obama‘s plan to strike Syria but today he announced he has reversed that decision because Obama appeared to be “backtracking” on his previous “red line” argument. Grimm on Monday: “The president of the United States already committed us. …

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