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McAllifie(D) vs. Cuccineli(R)
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Virginia’s Brutal Battle for Governor: Clinton Liberal Vs. Tea Party Conservative

It’s extreme left vs extreme right in Virginia’s upcoming election set for Tuesday November 5th, with high profile  members of both political groups stumping for their respective candidate. On the left it’s Democrat Terry McAuliffe, best friend and moneyman of the Clinton family and obamacare advocate versus Republican Ken Cuccinelli, …

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Dept of Justice Preparing to Sue North Carolina Over New Tighter Voter ID Law
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Dept of Justice Preparing to Sue North Carolina Over New Tighter Voter ID Law

The Department of Justice is once again attempting to interfere in individual state law surrounding voter registration and identification – this time their target is North Carolina. AG Eric Holder’s Justice Department is expected to file a lawsuit today seeking to block parts of North Carolina’s new voting law which …

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obama men with guns
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Prosecutor Calls for Obama’s Ousting Nov 19 After Citizen’s Grand Jury Guilty Verdict

Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and commonly referred to as the citizen’s prosecutor, has helped bring about a “citizen’s grand jury” guilty verdict against U.S. President Barack Obama in Ocala, Florida. In a DCX report dated November of 2012 I laid out the details of the actual indictment. According …

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