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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Suspends ‘all his immigration efforts’ Following Court Ruling

America’s Toughest Sheriff, Maricopa County Arizona’s Joe Arpaio, has indefinitely suspended “all his immigration efforts,” according to Arpaio spokesman Brandon Jones, following a federal court ruling which says his office has engaged in racially profiling Latinos. U.S. District Judge Murray Snow found “constitutional violations” in Arpaio’s methods and imposed a …

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Rand Paul: Enough with Immigration Reform – We Gotta Tighten This Up NOW

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul(R) sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid insisting that national immigration security measures be evaluated, tightened and added to if necessary in response to the recent bombings in Boston. Comprehensive immigration reform was moving to the forefront of senate debates recently, but the current …

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The Side Effects of Rolling out the Red Carpet for Violent Illegal Aliens

Progressives have decided to champion yet another group of “victims” and they’re currently rolling out the red carpet for illegal aliens. Amnesty and “pathway to citizenship” are all the buzz among elected officials. While progressives like the more sanitized term “undocumented workers,” candy coating it does nothing to change the …

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