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Pro-Gay Workplace ENDA Bill Passes Senate – McCain & Flake Get Onboard

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, currently being debated in the U.S. Senate, provides special job protections and guarantees for homosexuals and transgenders and according to critics puts a target on churches and religious organizations if they refuse to hire someone who openly violates their faith principles. Those opposed to ENDA claim …

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Anti-Gay Org Urges Fox News’ Shepard Smith to “Come Out of the Closet” – VIDEO

America’s Survival, Inc and their president, Cliff Kincaid, have challenged Fox News anchor Shepard Smith to publicly  acknowledge that he is a homosexual.  While Smith has never publicly identified himself as gay he is listed in Out Magazine‘s “Power List 2013” – which according to the publication is a “list of the gay men …

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