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Lapdog Media: Ted Cruz Vs. Bob ‘tha shill’ Schieffer in Face the Nation Interview – VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT

Texas Senator Ted Cruz(R) made an appearance on CBS’s lapdog media presentation Face the Nation this morning and was harassed, interrupted, talked over and repeatedly asked the same questions, which were nothing more than Democrat talking points, by host and long time democrat shill Bob Schieffer. There’s certainly no harm …

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AFP Launches Ads Hammering Trio of Pro-Obamacare Senators – VIDEOS

The conservative group Americans For Prosperity has launched 3 multimillion dollar ads targeting a trio of Pro-Obamacare Senators who each face stiff challenges in midterm elections this November. In the cross-hairs are North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan – Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu and New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen. AFP spent …

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House Passes ‘Gabriella Miller’ Kids Cancer Bill – Senate Expected to Snub

Earlier this year Congressional Representatives Gregg Harper, R-Mississippi, and Peter Welch, D-Vermont, crafted a bipartisan bill to take $126 million in federal money over 10 years intended for political conventions and direct it to pediatric research. With a vote of 295 to 103 the 113th Congress today passed H.R. 2019: …

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Reid’s Nuclear Option will Keep ObamaCare Alive and Benghazi Covered Up

The Senate rule change referred to as the Nuclear Option aka The Reid Rule represents a buy-one-get-one-free for U.S. President Barack Obama. It will allow for much easier installments of Obamacare friendly judges in Washington, D.C. who will most likely help the President keep The Affordable Care Act alive and …

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Pro-Gay Workplace ENDA Bill Passes Senate – McCain & Flake Get Onboard

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, currently being debated in the U.S. Senate, provides special job protections and guarantees for homosexuals and transgenders and according to critics puts a target on churches and religious organizations if they refuse to hire someone who openly violates their faith principles. Those opposed to ENDA claim …

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Who’s Funding Islamic Library Books & $173k for “Meaning of Life” Research?

Now that they’re back in black the federal government has found enough loose change to fund research into seemingly impossible to answer questions to some of life’s toughest questions. The recipient? The National Endowment for the Humanities. Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, …

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No Death Benefits for Families of Fallen Soldiers – Boehner Blames Obama Admin

On Tuesday the Pentagon confirmed that due to the partial government shutdown it won’t be paying death benefits, known as a “death gratuity,” to the families of U.S. troops killed in combat after 11:59pm September 30th. At the time of this writing 5 such families have already been put off …

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