Our main mission at DCX is to report the truth and enlighten people, enabling them to think outside of the political boxes that we’ve all become so accustomed to living and thinking inside of. While it’s true that selling ad space wasn’t a concern at the outset of this project, we’re definitely beginning to rack up expenses related to software, bandwidth and our own advertising, not to mention all the time spent actually creating the content that’s eventually displayed here. Because of these expenditures we’ve begun to offer spaces on our site for people with related content to advertise. This page is devoted to explaining the benefits and costs associated with advertising on dcxposed.com.

There are 2 main areas on the site where advertising opportunities exist:  there are multiple spots in the right hand sidebar and there is a standard banner spot which appears just beneath each article on the post pages. The following two images will help me explain these areas and how your business could benefit from utilizing one of the spots:

The sidebar is a popular place to advertise and represents the best of both worlds; high visibility for graphic images and moderate click through rates. The sidebar represents an opportunity to stretch out and show off your brand with a spacious 250×250 spot(first highlighted square), resulting in something which is perhaps even more valuable than clicks: branding and name recognition. If you are running a tight budget but still want the visibility and click through potential of a smaller ad, our 125×125 ad squares are perfect(second highlighted area). Considered the most popular form of banner advertising on the world wide web, don’t underestimate the power of these nifty little ads. When designed properly, they can pack a lot of advertising into a small space. These sidebar ads appear on all posts pages as well as the homepage.

affordable advertising with dcxcposed.com


The image below highlights the exact location where we currently house a 468 x 60 standard size banner. This area does not appear on the homepage but it does trail every single post site wide and represents the ad spot with the highest click through rates because of it’s location at the end of the content, a place where the reader comes to a conclusion and has to decide where to go next. By being placed strategically in this location, the 468×60 ad spot represents your best shot at diverting traffic from DCX to your website.

affordable advertising with dcxposed.com

We do have a fully operational graphics department which can assist you, at no charge, in designing your advertisement. The success of your advertising campaign is important to us, and very much dependent on not just our site traffic, but also on your ad’s ability to grab attention and cause the click once we’ve delivered the impressions to our targeted audience.

You can also rest assured that your advertising dollars are going to support this “new media” website which is devoted to reporting the truth, first and foremost. We appreciate your business and guarantee your satisfaction.

Advertising Rates

Sidebar Square (250 x 250 pixels) – $275 per month, no minimum

Sidebar Square (125 X 125 pixels) – $135 per month, no minimum

Post Banner (468 X 60 pixels) – $350 per month, no minimum

Please prepare your online ads in *.gif or *.jpg format

If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to working with you.