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The case of Jeffery Epstein is spinning out of control and threatens to entangle numerous high profile elites.

  • Jeffrey Epstein is a billionaire banker and convicted sex offender. He owns lavish properties in Florida and one in the Virgin Islands – St Thomas Little St James Island – also known as “The Island of Sin.”
  • Epstein is alleged to have recruited young girls to work as sex slaves at his properties and faced more than 40 sex related charges but a last-minute plea deal allowed Epstein to escape with just 1 charge in 2008.
  • A woman has filed charges claiming she was forced, by Epstein, to have sex with well-known U.S. criminal defense lawyer and the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, on numerous occasions.
  • Three other women have filed suit, naming the U.S. federal government as the defendant, claiming they weren’t notified of the plea arrangement afforded Epstein in 2008 which allowed him to evade justice.
  • It’s believed Epstein rigged his properties with hidden cameras and has video evidence of the improprieties alleged as well as footage of others who visited his residences.
  • Flight manifests recently leaked show the names of several prominent figures who traveled aboard Epstein’s private jets, known as the “Lolita Express,” including Dershowitz and former U.S. President Bill Clinton who is present 11 times between 2002 & 2005. Those logs are speckled with other key figures in the case including a porn actress and 2 other high-profile women alleged to have recruited young girls into Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.

FAA flight logs have confirmed that several prominent politicians, socialites, scientists, financiers and even royalty have traveled aboard private jets, nicknamed the Lolita Express by locals, owned and operated by convicted pedophile, democrat mega donor and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Many of them were headed to a 78 acre destination in the US Virgin Islands known as “the Island of Sin,” also owned by Epstein, where teenage “sex slaves” were allegedly abused by the billionaire banker and some of the world’s most powerful and influential people.

In 2006 the FBI counted at least 40 underage girls who had been molested by Epstein.  Authorities searched his Florida mansion and found two computers containing child pornography and homemade video and photographs from cameras hidden in bedroom walls which had been used to film sex acts. The case was airtight for many counts of sexual crimes but Palm Beach State Attorney Barry Krischer and the Justice Department stepped in and offered Epstein a plea deal. In 2008 Epstein pleaded guilty in a Florida court to one count of soliciting underage girls for sex. His punishment was 13 months of “8 hour nights only” at a halfway house. No other charges about raping underage girls nor running an underage sex trafficking ring were mentioned in the plea. His legal team? Gerald Lefcourt, Roy Black, Ken Starr  …. and Alan Dershowitz.

The federal non-prosecution agreement Epstein’s legal team negotiated immunized all named and unnamed potential co-conspirators in Epstein’s child trafficking network, which includes those who allegedly procured minors for Epstein and any powerbrokers who may have molested them. This creates a huge legal conflict because, although Dershowitz wasn’t a signatory to the plea agreement, he did play a significant role in negotiating it on Epstein’s behalf and in doing so provided immunity from federal prosecution not only to Epstein but also, potentially, to himself for the alleged sexual abuse of who court records refer to as “jane doe #3.”


Afterwards a smug Epstein claimed “I’m not a sexual predator, I’m an ‘offender.’ It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel.”

Four women filed a lawsuit against prosecutors in that case claiming they broke the law by failing to consult them before signing the plea deal for the tycoon. The ongoing lawsuit was filed by Brad Edwards and Paul Cassell and names the US Government as the defendant. The lawyers say Epstein’s treatment was “contrary to the Government’s normal approach in prosecuting federal sex offenses”.

One of those women, Jane Doe #3(in some reports she’s known as #102), Virginia Roberts who is now 30 years old, claims she was held as a sex slave by Epstein and forced to have sex multiple times with the Duke of York, Prince Andrew – as well as U.S. criminal defense attorney Alan Dershowitz.

Prince Andrew & Epstein in 2011

Prince Andrew & Epstein in 2011

Buckingham Palace has denied “any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors” by Prince Andrew but employees of Epstein’s Palm Beach, Florida mansion have confirmed they saw the Prince there on many occasions and implied he was enjoying the use of Epstein’s private “massage room” which was reportedly stocked with hand selected girls from Epstein’s sex trafficking operation. Roberts claims to have been among those young girls and says the massages included sadistic sexual acts and orgies with up to 11 people.

Prince Andrew now runs the risk of being subpoenaed by Roberts’ lawyers if he returns to the United States. If presented deposition papers the prince would be obligated to give evidence under oath or face the threat of jail.

Dershowitz also adamantly denies wrongdoing and told the Today show in a recent interview:

“I’ve ever seen her and I’ve never met her,” Dershowitz insisted. “She is categorically lying and making the whole thing up… This is Pinocchio’s nose growing longer and longer.”

He insisted his relationship with Epstein was purely academic but when presented with the flight manifests showing he had been aboard Epstein’s jets on numerous occasions beginning in 1997 he admitted he had known Epstein for nearly two decades and rode the banker’s jet occasionally.

dershowitz-lolita-expressYou can view the entire flight manifest log(63 pages) on documentcloud here.

Absent on all of those flights was Dershowitz’s wife – who he publicly said accompanies him nearly everywhere in statements issued in the wake of the Roberts lawsuit.

In a Vanity Fair article dated 2003, prior to the investigation into Epstein’s sexual crimes, Dershowitz was much more vocal about his fondness of Epstein.

“Alan Dershowitz says that, as he was getting to know Epstein, his wife asked him if he would still be close to him if Epstein suddenly filed for bankruptcy. Dershowitz says he replied, ‘Absolutely. I would be as interested in him as a friend if we had hamburgers on the boardwalk in Coney Island and talked about his ideas.”

Dershowitz was so close to Epstein that he at times even classified him in the same ranks as his own family: “I’m on my 20th book. . . . The only person outside my immediate family that I send drafts to is Jeffrey.”

When confronted with his own remarks from 13 years ago and how they differ from his opinion of Epstein today Dershowitz simply said “He was a friend with whom I talked about ideas. We never discussed women or his social life.”

Roberts claims the abuses happened in Florida, London, New York and Epstein’s Island of Sin. It’s believed that among Epstein’s photographs and videos seized by authorities in 2006 – captured by the video components hidden in his various mansions – there exists incriminating evidence of Roberts’ allegations, and perhaps even more. Roberts was 17 at the time – under the age of consent in Florida.

Lawyers representing Roberts mentioned the hidden cameras in a 27-page filing at the Palm Beach Federal Courthouse in Florida. The papers state: “Some of the photographs in the defendant’s possession were taken with hidden cameras set up in [Epstein’s] home in Palm Beach. [He] may have taken lewd ­photographs of Jane Doe 102 with his hidden cameras and transported [them] to his other residences and elsewhere.”

In the most recent court documents, filed on December 30, Roberts further claims she was sex-trafficked to “many other powerful men, including numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known Prime Minister, and other world leaders.” Roberts said Epstein trafficked children to politicians, Wall Streeters and A- listers to curry favor, advance his business, and for political influence.

Privately Epstein has settled lawsuits for child molestation with the families of 32 other “jane doe” girls since 2008. The youngest alleged victim was 12 years old at the time of her abuse.

Clinton hasn’t been deposed in the matter and in all the court filings Roberts maintains she never had sexual relations with Clinton or knew of him taking an interest in any of Epstein’s other teenage sex slave girls but she did recall he was sometimes present on the banker’s private Caribbean island during her years of “work” there. No allegations have been leveled at Clinton but his name continues to be mentioned in the recent scandal and his name appears 11 times in the Lolita Express flight manifest records from 2002 to 2005(the year news of the police investigation of Epstein was first reported).

clinton-lolita-expressYou can view the entire flight manifest log(63 pages) on documentcloud here.

In 2002 Clinton and 4 secret service agents shared a flight aboard one of Epstein’s 727s with then 23-year-old porn star Chauntae Davis. Davis later landed a role in a moved titled Exposed – produced by a softcore porn company named MRG entertainment(later purchased by Larry Flynt).  That particular movie, and many others since, was directed by Clinton J. Williams.

Also on board almost all of those flights were Epstein’s socialite girlfriend and alleged sex slave prospector Ghislaine Maxwell(designated by GW on nearly all the flight manifests) the daughter of the late media mogul Robert Maxwell and attendee at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010.

Ghislaine Maxwell at the wedding of Chelsea Clinton in 2010

Ghislaine Maxwell at the wedding of Chelsea Clinton in 2010

She has been accused by Roberts of photographing Epstein’s victims “in sexually explicit poses and [keeping] the child pornography on her computer,” and “engag[ing] in lesbian sex with the underage females she procured for Epstein.” She has denied the allegations but she and Epstein’s former assistant Sarah Kellen(designated by SK on nearly all the flight manifests)  have been repeatedly accused in the court filings of recruiting and grooming young girls into a network of child sex workers, and often participating in sex acts with them.

Prince  Andrew, Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001

Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001

Both Maxwell and Kellen escaped prosecution as Epstein’s co-conspirators in 2008 because of the federal non-prosecution agreement Epstein’s legal team negotiated.

Ghislaine Maxwell & Epstein in 2001

Ghislaine Maxwell & Epstein in 2000 at Sandringham

Court documents show numerous pages of telephone numbers, home addresses and emails held by Epstein in a 98 page address book discovered by his former employee, Alfredo Rodriguez, who referred to it as “the holy grail.” Rodriguez allegedly kept the “little black book” as security against future threats from Epstein. The book is said to contain explicit contact details for a string of politicians and celebrities including: Kennedys, Bushes, former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, ex-new York mayor Michael Bloomberg, Rolling Stones vocalist Mick Jagger, Donald Trump, Harvard president and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, Naomi Campbell, scientist Stephen Pinker, owner of the Limited and Victoria’s Secret Les Wexner, former governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson, actor Kevin Spacey, actor Chris Tucker and George Mitchell – former US senator from Maine(among many others).  It’s reported the book contains 21 contact emails and numbers for Clinton, alone.

Inclusion in Epstein’s little black book certainly isn’t an indictment of guilt, however – and it’s worth noting here that the Lolita Express flight manifest records were kept by the pilots of the airplanes and are subject to error.

The lawsuit to overturn Epstein’s secret 2008 plea arrangement and a secondary defamation suit filed by a former Judge and a Fort Lauderdale lawyer may force Dershowitz to testify. If so it could further entangle Bill Clinton and along with him – Hillary Clinton’s prospects for a run at the democrat presidential nomination in 2016.

Vicky Ward, a contributing editor to Vanity Fair for 11 years and now a successful author, writing for the Daily Beast recently, gives a chilling account of her first hand experience with Epstein from a journalist’s perspective in her article “I Tried to Warn You About Sleazy Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in 2003,” in which she uncovers Epstein’s  mysterious financial background and while doing so – digs up a Pandora’s box of outraged parents who told her, some through tears, what he had done to their daughters. Ward, who was pregnant during her investigation, culminated her review of Jeffery Epstein in a very unsettling way:

He has a way of spooking you, does Epstein. Or he did. My babies were born prematurely, dangerously so; he’d asked which hospital I was giving birth at—and I was so afraid that somehow, with all his connections to the academic and medical community, that he was coming for my little ones that I put security on them in the NICU.

When they’d been released home some months later, I went out to my first party. There was Jeffrey Epstein, sucking a lollipop. “Vicky,” he said, “you look so pretty.”

Jeffery Epstein

Jeffery Epstein