According to a recent Pew Research study approximately 9 in 10 members of the incoming 114th Congress are Christians. About 57 percent are Protestant, 31 percent are Catholic and 5 percent Mormon – figures very similar to the outgoing 113th Congress.

Another Five percent are Jewish but there are five fewer Jewish members in the incoming Congress than there were in the 113th and 11 fewer than there were in the 112th.

Many of the nation’s smaller religious groups are represented in roughly equal proportion to their numbers in the U.S. adult population. Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus combined represent about 2% of American adults and 1% of Congress.

If you look at the featured image from a distance(so to speak) you’ll see a cross-section of American religious demographics. Hence, America is composed of a Christian majority of citizens, as evidenced by this slice and by stand alone statistics as well.

Yet, in a time of such religious dominance we’ve seen the federal government influence local and state laws and lawmakers to tolerate, accept or embrace political legislation and ways of thinking that’s very much out of skew from the traditional American way.

Gay marriage is now either legalized or on the cusp of legalization in most U.S. states and homosexuality is no longer just tolerated – it’s being embraced and promoted on most major networks. Even Churches have followed suit in some cases (for what it’s worth, which is nothing, I don’t oppose gays or gays being afforded all of their American rights, but there’s a fine line between coexisting with people you disagree with and having their lifestyle and morals constantly bombarding your senses from every angle).

We now have Christmas Nativity scenes being countered with satanic displays. In two U.S. states(MI & FL) this past Christmas season, members of satanic cults were allowed to erect such memorials to evil within mere feet of the likeness of an infant Christ Savior which a majority of Americans purport to follow.

Everyday in the U.S. 3,000 unborn children are removed from the assumed safety of their mother’s body and flushed, making the womb the most perilous place on earth for all humans and gestation the most dangerous period of a person’s life.

U.S. war soldiers are sitting in military prisons, charged with killing the enemy, and their families are suffering heartbreak – while the terrorists they risked their lives to apprehend are allowed free passage back to where they came from, many of whom will once again pick up arms and resume their fight against the West.

How can a nation of people who get to hand-pick and place every single member of our governing body – a body composed of a mirror image of American voters – be so disappointed, constantly, with the representation we’ve selected and disgruntled, silently no less, about the undermining of American values, morality and even our safety?

There’s two possible reasons that come to mind and both the direct fault of the American voter – and the American citizen in general.

  1.  American voters have elected presidents who have superseded congress and the senate to enable their own political convictions and agendas.
  2. Americans are composed of a silent majority of citizens who have become passive and lethargic – theoretically cutting the tendons of political strength out of our reps and senators.

When citizens take action and get noticed, on a local, state or national level, it gives our representatives and senators the political clout they need to push through legislation we support while at the same time informing their opponents they’d better back off – the public wants this and if they don’t get it then heads, or careers at least, will roll. The same works in reverse when we oppose a measure being deliberated.

If the only people who take action and get noticed are tiny minority groups, even if their agendas are less than savory from a faith and morality standpoint, then they will win the political battle.

The silent majority has retired. We still vote, we still send a few dollars to our favorite candidate once every 4 years, and then we go back to sleep and allow the executive branch and their groups of minorities who are smart enough to raise hell – to bully our reps into compliance with their wishes.

If Americans ever get serious about getting back to classic values and working on issues that really matter we’ll have to give our representatives the political firepower by losing the laryngitis and once again becoming politically vocal. That won’t happen on Facebook(although social media is a useful tool). It happens outside, in your town – on your streets, with your neighbors. If we stand up in unison – many of our counterparts in Congress and the Senate would feel more emboldened to follow suit.