The story of U.S. Army Lieutenant Clint Lorance can be found here. Clint’s mother contacted me on facebook to inform me a petition page had been set up on the website and asked if I would inform as many people as possible.

To reach their goal they need 100,000 signatures by February 02. If successful the petition will at least be considered by the Obama administration.

Please take a few seconds right now to go to that petition site and sign. All you’re required to do is enter your name and email address. Once you click submit the form will instruct you to verify your signature via the email address you entered. Please go immediately and find the email sent to you from the website and click that link! Your signature won’t count if you don’t go through with that final step. It takes a total of about 30 seconds.

While on the petition page you can also share the petition directly to facebook and twitter. Please share so your friends will also have a chance to sign.

Clint Lorance deserves to be free and this is our chance to speak directly to President Obama on the matter.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Clint. If you’d like to learn more and interact with the growing community of patriots who support this young man please connect with FREE CLINT LORANCE on facebook.

Click here to Petition President Obama to Grant a presidential pardon to U.S. Army Lieutenant Clint Lorance in Leavenworth prison