Twenty-nine year old Deandre Wilson, of Westland, assaulted a police officer in Taylor, MI 5 weeks ago. He was free on a bond that had been set at $5,000/10%. On Friday morning he was entering the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in downtown Detroit, accompanied by a social worker, to attend a hearing about that case.

At the courthouse’s security-screening area, Wilson was asked to take off his jacket. Shortly after putting it back on he turned toward Wayne County deputy Crystal Dominguez and hit her so hard she was rendered unconscious. Wilson wasn’t found to be carrying any prohibited items, and the attack was unprovoked.

Sheriff Benny Napoleon said all protocols were followed:

“The person just randomly attacked her, and I don’t know what different we could’ve done,” he said.

Wilson was overwhelmed by other deputies at the scene and arrested. He was arraigned Saturday and received a $300,000 cash bond. Wilson is charged with two counts of resisting and obstructing a police officer on top of the original charge he was appearing in court for.

Wilson was with the social worker because he is under the jurisdiction of probate court where he is listed as “developmentally disabled.

Wilson’s preliminary examination is set for January 15 at 36th District Court in Detroit.

Deputy Dominguez has been released from the hospital.

Does Her Race Matter?

Considering current racial tensions and the recent rash of black on blue violence her race should be a factor of the investigation into Wilson’s possible motives. The media didn’t hesitate to mention her gender but stopped short of naming her race.

I didn’t set out to write a report about a black guy attacking a white cop but rather another report about black on blue violence. It wasn’t until I was wrapping this post up, and peering into a screenshot of the local news video, that I realized the injured deputy was white(or possibly Latino or some other fairer skinned race, but definitely caucasian). I read probably 10 different accounts of the incident putting this article together but none of them mentioned her race or the possibility that Wilson’s actions were racially motivated or in any way connected to the current political climate involving blacks and police.

Only the official local 4 news report includes a video showing Dominguez being loaded into an ambulance, which I took a screenshot of for this article’s featured image. It’s the only evidence(at the time of this writing) online of her race.

Why would anyone draw the conclusion the attack was racially motivated? Interestingly, in all the videos and photos on those article pages the scene is swarmed with black male police officers(who rushed to their fellow officer’s defense) including sheriff Napoleon himself. Why would Wilson single out a double minority(female and white, considering her colleagues) to target if not based on her race or sex? There was no confrontation between Wilson or any of the cops during the screening until the moment he snapped and attacked Dominguez.

The crime would have been no less heinous had it been a female of another race, of course, but to mention her sex without naming her race considering the point-blank assassination of two (fair complected) New York City police officers in December by a similarly deranged black male who was angered by the outcomes of recent blue on black killings and the court’s unwillingness to indict the officers involved – just seems to be a blatant attempt to avoid more bad press for young black male criminals who are pissed off at cops.

According to U.S. President Barack Obama, speaking to NPR in an interview last week, the issue of race relations is surfacing “in a way that probably is healthy.” Police, however, seem much less optimistic and rightfully so. Hiding attacks on police or the possible motivations for such attacks in order to facilitate this latest “revolution” is irresponsible and will lead to more violence and loss of life –  violence and loss of life which dramatically escalated in 2014 according to a recent year-end report issued Tuesday by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund that shows violence toward police skyrocketed in 2014 – with an alarming 50% increase in the number of ambush style attacks resulting in the death of an officer.

If this level of animosity toward police, of all races, continues to be flamed it’ll result in a weakened force and eventually no force to protect society from criminals. In the shorter term, reports of violence against police as well as possible motives not being given a fair shake in the mainstream and even local news media is putting officer’s lives in greater peril because it sends a message to other potential cop killers/attackers that crimes against police won’t be as heavily scrutinized as incidents where a police officer is suspected of mistreating a minority.

This is a grotesque betrayal of police officers by the federal government and the press to further a ‘pet political agenda’ of Washington elites and it’s going to end badly for Americans in general. A ‘cop killer’ society isn’t one we want to live in – and the notion that violence toward police is going to be tolerated, and in some cases even rewarded with praise and virtual high fives on social media, has already gotten officers around the country anxious and looking over their shoulders – which further exacerbates the tension between police and citizens.

Rinse and repeat for more racial discontent.