Harakat Hazm is a group of about 7,000 rebel fighters in Syria which has denounced recent airstrikes conducted against the militants of the Islāmic State(ISIS) by a US-led coalition, which represents a conflict of interest because Harakat Hazm is backed by weapons contributed to them by the United States.

The group, among many in Syria referred to by the Obama administration as Moderate Rebels  have reportedly received 20 TOW anti-tank missiles, just this past April, from a “Western source.” The photo featured above this article is of a Harakat Hazm member operating a BGM-71 TOW wire-guided anti-tank missile with an operational range of up to 2.6 miles (4,200 meters).

Harakat Hazm was actually mentioned by name by US Secretary of State John Kerry less than a week ago as a possible beneficiary of American arms and training in the coming months – weapons and training which has been assumed will be used specifically to fight Islāmic State jihadists.

The rebel group has insisted they need more help from the West and have specifically asked for anti-aircraft missiles needed to supposedly “level the playing field with the Assad regime.”

In a 273 to 156 vote last week the United States Congress, amid widespread skepticism, passed legislation allocating more money to train and equip moderate Syrian rebel groups such as Harakat Hazm as part of the $500 million President Obama asked for in May.

Supporters included 159 Republicans and 114 Democrats, while 85 Democrats and 71 Republicans voted against the amendment. The Senate is fully expected to give the bill final approval on Thursday.