President Barack Obama shakes hands with Osama al-Nujaifi, Iraqi Council of Representatives, after entering VP Joe Biden’s meeting with al-Nujaifi in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on Jan. 22, 2014. Also in attendance was Anas Altikriti (highlighted) President and founder of the Cordoba Foundation, a UK-based lobby group for the Muslim Brotherhood. Also pictured are Puneet Talwar, senior director for Iraq, Iran, and the Gulf at the National Security Council – Philip Gordon, special assistant to the president and White House director for the Middle East – Brett McGurk, deputy assistant secretary for Iraq and Iran, and Andrew Kim, director for Iraq.)

In a statement dated Jan. 22 the White House confirmed the meeting:

“This afternoon, President Obama joined Vice President Joe Biden’s meeting with Iraqi Council of Representatives Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi and a delegation of Iraqi parliamentarians. Both sides reaffirmed the importance of the strategic partnership between the United States and Iraq.”

Anas Altikriti

Anas Altikriti

Anas Altikriti is currently a Top British lobbyist for the UK based Muslim Brotherhood organization “The Cordoba Foundation” and the former head of the Muslim Association of Britain –  he is considered a “key political lobbyist for the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain,” and “one of the shrewdest UK-based Brotherhood activists.

His father, Dr. Osama Tawfiq al-Tikritiheads, is leader of the Iraqi Islamic Party which evolved from the Muslim Brotherhood Party in Iraq.

London editor for the British Sunday Telegraph Andrew Gilligan, writing in November of 2013, gave a scathing review of the Cordoba Group – likening it to Hamas and other extremist groups:

The Cordoba Foundation works closely with other British extremist groups which seek the creation of an Islamic dictatorship, or caliphate, in Europe.

In that same article Gilligan contends that “the Islamist Cordoba Foundation, described by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, as a “political front for the Muslim Brotherhood”.

Altikriti was formerly a spokesman for the British Muslim Initiative (BMI) who’s founder and president Mohammed Sawalha served as a senior military operative for Hamas.

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He’s also been a consistent supporter of the Free Syrian Army rebels and has endorsed the idea of foreign intervention by NATO troops to overthrow President Assad’s Regime.

In a Fair Observer post titled ‘Western Fear of the “Islamist Other‘ and dated October 2011 Altikriti himself bragged about meeting with Washington elite and urging them to support Islamic movements:

“‘I was asked at a recent meeting with some of Washington’s wheelers and dealers about what the American government should do with the Islamic movements gaining prominence and claiming the limelight across the Arab world, I answered simply: support them … unless we encourage them and offer them an incentive, their own crop of hard-liners will have been proven right”

In June of 2013 Altikriti published a guest article on the Huffington Post titled Jubilant Crowds May Yet Come to Regret End of Brotherhood Government – later in July he posted the link to his twitter account – which was the last post made by him personally.


It isn’t difficult to come to the conclusion that Barack Obama is sympathetic to, and has shown favoritism to, the Muslim Brotherhood. After all, it’s a common belief in Egypt that the Obama administration supports Muslim Brotherhood activities there – why would Americans doubt it?

I suppose the question is why do so many here in the US seem to not care? I think the answer is that most people are unaware of just how sinister an allegiance this represents nor are most aware of the legacy of violent Islamic Sharia and religious intolerance which follows the Muslim Brotherhood – but that legacy is very much real and it’s very much still their way of doing business as was evidenced by Morsi’s cramming of a heavily Sharia inspired constitution down the throats of the Egyptian citizens – a move which ultimately proved to be ill advised, for him at least.

On January 31st – just 5 days ago – President Obama tweeted “Our best defense against extremists is a strong Muslim community working with us,” yet he’s meeting with, and met with numerous times in the past, extremists who want nothing more than to continue keeping the middle east mired in radical Islamic Sharia.

As the Muslim Egyptians have shown us by overthrowing former President Morsi  – who represented the Muslim Brotherhood political party in Egypt – the last thing the Muslim community needs, including the Muslim community here in the US, is more Sharia based Islamic groups commandeering their faith.