According to a recent report by debkafile’s counter-terror sources the Palestinians have a new weapon in their arsenal and are using it heavily in their campaign of terror against Israel. It’s the Austrian single-shot Steyr .50cal Sniper Rifle which has an effective and deadly-accurate range of up to 1,500 meters(approximately 0.93 miles).

The Palestinians are importing deliveries of an Iranian-made version of the gun into the Gaza Strip via Iran’s Lebanese proxy Shiite Hizballah – who has tested the weapon on the Syrian battlefield with great success. The Steyr first turned up a year ago, used against Syrian rebels by snipers attached to Iranian special units.

This new acquisition was supposedly sent over to reinvigorate the violent campaign waged against Israel by the radical Palestinian Hamas, Jihad Islami and their allies.


Production history
ManufacturerSteyr Mannlicher
Unit cost$5,299
First Produced2004
VariantsHS .460
HS .50 M1
Specifications (HS .50)
Weight12.4 kg (28.5 lbs)
Length1.370 mm (54 inches)
Barrel length833 mm (33 inches)

Cartridge.50 BMG
.460 Steyr
ActionBolt Action
Effective firing range1500 m
Feed systemSingle shot


The Steyr HS .50 is a single-shot bolt action rifle. It has a built-in magazine (on the right side of the gun) so each round has to be loaded directly into the ejection port and is pushed into the chamber by the bolt. The fluted barrel is cold hammer forged and provides excellent accuracy at an effective range up to 1500 m. It has an adjustable bi-pod, a highly efficient muzzle brake which reduces recoil substantially to increase shooting comfort and a Picatinny rail for installation of various optics.

However due to customer demand, a recent change to the HS .50 has included a 5 round detachable magazine that can be inserted on the left hand side of the rifle much similar to the Denel NTW-20

To avoid the new threat this long range rifle creates Israeli Defense Forces(IDF) has been forced to direct Israeli farmers abutting the Gaza Strip to stop working their fields and draw back to a 1-kilometer deep no-go zone.