Republicans in Portland Oregon have issued a statement in response to criticism of a planned rifle-raffle slated for February 15th – with an AR-15 rifle as the prize. The firearm is to be given away at an event honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Lincoln.

Critics – comprised of leftist gun control fanatics, have attempted to tie the fundraiser involving the firearm to the event which they insist “highlights two men who were both shot to death.”

The Multnomah County GOP released the following statement in response:

In our enthusiasm for celebrating Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln and the U.S. Constitution, our Multnomah Republican Party issued a press release that was unfortunately easily misunderstood. The GOP stands for individual liberty, lower taxes, smaller government and individual responsibility. We apologize if people were hurt by the message being marred by insufficient wording and/or cynical misinterpretations by those who disagree with us politically. We will certainly endeavor to communicate more clearly in the future, and learn and grow from this experience.
Both Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King delivered speeches in defense of American liberty and freedom that will live forever in the hearts and minds of the American people. They gave their lives for his cause.
Martin Luther King’s famous “dream” speech is an eloquent, timeless appeal for the Constitutional rights of African Americans, who, at the time, were being denied those rights. His speech is even more relevant today than when he delivered it 50 years ago.
Today, powerful elements within our political establishment are working to suppress the Constitutional rights of all Americans. Our rights to freedom in choosing our own medical care, our freedom to build businesses to enhance the lives of ourselves and our neighbors, our freedom to be free of debt, our freedom to be free of oppressive taxes and misguided regulations, and yes our freedom to defend our lives under the Second Amendment – all are under attack.
The great political issue today is whether or not the American people of all creeds and races will live free or live as slaves – slaves to their own overreaching government. 50 years ago, Martin Luther King’s great speech was an appeal for freedom for African Americans. Today, those same words he spoke 50 years ago are an appeal for freedom for all Americans.
This is the message our press release should have delivered. I am proud, as a representative of the Republican Party, to deliver it in this press release today – belated but no less true. Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln were great blessings to our nation. Their deaths were great tragedies. Our job, as Republicans, is to carry on their work and preserve American freedom and liberty for all people in our nation and as an example for all people in all nations.
The Multnomah County GOP is in negotiations with a new venue, and the Lincoln Day Dinner will go on as planned. We are excited to host Pastor Rafael Cruz, who passionately spreads the message of personal liberty and the fight against tyranny. We invite everyone to join us in the fight for Liberty.

The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, where the event was originally scheduled to be held, backed out saying the church will no longer host the Lincoln Day Dinner because it objects to the rifle prize.

This is the third time this year that the group has raffled off an AR-15. Tickets at previous raffles quickly sold out.


Similar gun-giveaways have sparked debate nationwide since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that claimed the lives of 20 children and six educators in December 2012.

The New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police raffled off a gun every day in May 2012, including a Ruger AR-15-style rifle with a 30-round magazine similar to the one used at Sandy Hook.

The players in West Fargo’s Youth Hockey Association raffled off 200 guns in March 2013. Up for grabs were shotguns, handguns, hunting rifles and semi-automatic rifles.

Contrary to popular ‘pro-gun-control’ rhetoric claiming that these guns are sold by the winners on the black market and/or wind up at crime scenes – as of yet no raffled-rifles have turned up at crime scenes or school massacres.

… and I remind those on the left – guns don’t kill people. Abortions kill people.