Beginning on December 12th the DCX website has been in one state or another of remodeling. Initially it was offline for a couple of days as the framework was completely gutted and reestablished resulting in much needed upgrades which will benefit site visitors including a new responsive design that can adapt to virtually any screen size. I’ve tested the site on 8 of the more popular devices using a device emulator. I realize, however, that emulators can sometimes deliver inaccurate results so if you encounter a problem with the responsive layout on your device or if you run into something that doesn’t work properly please let me know.

The new design also allows viewers on standard desktop and most tablet devices more space to stretch out and enjoy their visit – with a much larger content area for text and text itself which is a few px larger than the previous version. The right hand sidebar is also larger now – allowing for larger videos, recent and popular post previews, facebook and twitter streams and other site related widgets.

Commenting has been upgraded to livefyre because of it’s fluid width and it’s ability to update the DCX database on the fly with comments as they happen. You can log in to livefyre quite easily as well using any number of social media accounts.

For the bulk of the past three weeks the majority of the time and effort has been spent putting the final feathered edges on site ‘do-hickeys’ such as the like and send buttons – the related posts widget which displays at the end of the articles – and modifying ad code scripts by hand to make them shrink and expand depending on the display size.

I’ve spent the past few days working on the DCX graphic design and branding – updating the color and size of the logo while retaining it’s main elements.

Site upgrades are now complete and regular posting will resume tomorrow, January 1st 2014.

I look forward to exploring our impending history with you – as it unfolds before our eyes.

Happy New Year 2014!


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Screenshot of the first version of DCX from July of 2011: