A North Carolina family has taken legal action against gun manufacturer Remington alleging that one of it’s rifles misfired in 2011 – killing 16 year old Jasmine Thar of Charlotte and wounding 2 others. The lawsuit contends that the .308 Model 700 rifle involved in the incident discharged a round while being cleaned because of a design flaw and also that Remington was aware the rifle was prone to accidental firing but the company continued selling them anyway. The weapons owner claims at the time of the misfire he was cleaning the rifle and had not touched the trigger. Attorney Willie Gary said the rifle was bad and should be discontinued:

“This is a bad rifle. It needs to be off the market. Remington is making millions and billions of dollars on a rifle that clearly malfunctions and misfires.”

Remington has declined to comment directly but in the video response above titled Remington’s In-Depth Response to CNBC Under Fire the gun manufacturer says the rifle is safe and any misfires are attributable to improper maintenance or unauthorized alterations made to its mechanisms.