McAllifie(D) vs. Cuccineli(R)

McAuliffe(D) vs. Cuccineli(R)

It’s extreme left vs extreme right in Virginia’s upcoming election set for Tuesday November 5th, with high profile  members of both political groups stumping for their respective candidate. On the left it’s Democrat Terry McAuliffe, best friend and moneyman of the Clinton family and obamacare advocate versus Republican Ken Cuccinelli, hardline Tea Party conservative and the current Virginia Attorney General.

The race could be a direct indicator of public sentiment regarding Obamacare as the controversial legislation has become the centerpiece for both campaigns with McAuliffe clinging to The Affordable Care Act as one of his party’s greatest accomplishments while Cuccinelli uses it to bash away at the big government’s tax/penalize-and-spend Democrats as many speculate the outcome to be a glimpse of things to come in the midterm elections next year with Congressional Republicans holding a slim 32 seat majority in the lower chamber (17 seat majority in reality, as only 17 republican votes are needed to pass democrat sponsored legislation).

[box type=”info”] If McAuliffe wins it will be the first time in 30 years that the party not in power in the White House has lost a Virginia’s governors race. [/box]

Polls indicate Cuccinelli is trailing McAuliffe by double digits with female voters  due t0 his stance on birth control as well as  his outspoken support of a failed bill that would have required ultrasounds for women contemplating abortion, providing many ad opportunities for the well-financed McAuliffe who’s held a marginal lead in all polling since July after Cuccinelli’s early lead fizzled. A gift-taking scandal involving outgoing Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell was partly to blame.

Cuccinelli’s path to victory is further complicated by the presence of largely unknown third-party Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis. Recent polls suggest that Sarvis’ support is approaching double digits due largely to the unpopularity of both radical frontrunners, but that support is mainly being drawn from Republican voter rolls.

But if McAuliffe pulls off the win, as expected, it won’t be because he’s popular. When likely voters who said they supported the Democrat were asked if they were casting their vote for McAuliffe or against Cuccinelli, a whopping 64 percent said that it was against the Republican. Regardless, expect much democrat chest pounding over obamacare if McAuliffe does win:

A high-ranking national Democratic official told CNN that come Wednesday morning (should McAuliffe win, as they expect), the party will circulate videos of Cuccinelli saying repeatedly that if voters like Obamacare – unpopular though it may be – they should vote for McAuliffe.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have appeared at rally’s urging Virginian’s to support McAuliffe. On Sunday U.S. President Barack Obama appeared at the Washington-Lee High School just across the Potomac in northern Virginia’s Arlington on behalf of McAuliffe.

Cuccinelli has had a trio of potential 2016 GOP presidential candidates stumping for him including Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.

Not everyone agrees that the race has long term or national implications for either party but argue that the outcome will be a reflection of Cuccinelli’s state based challenges – applying to Virginia only – and won’t translate on a national level, ie. the 2014 midterm elections.


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