UPDATE 10.18.2013 –  Because of a readers reply to my initial reports on this incident I decided to find out what’s been happening in regards to the Miriam Carey case, the young mother who was shot to death by Washington, DC Capitol Hill Police earlier this month. According to all reports I’ve read Carey was not armed and was not engaged in any type of shoot out with police as was earlier reported.

Authorities claim that Carey, a 34-year-old dental hygienist who supposedly believed U.S. President Barack Obama had bugged her apartment,  led Secret Service and police on a car chase from the White House past the Capitol Building attempting to penetrate the security barriers at both national landmarks before she was shot to death. Also in the vehicle was Carey’s 14-month-old daughter, Erica, who survived.


This photo shows Carey’s car obviously disabled between a police cruiser and barricade post. Why did police choose to shoot into a vehicle which contained a 14 month old baby in order to kill an unarmed person?

Referring to the alleged gate-ramming Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier said “I’m pretty confident this was not an accident.” The Metro PD report said that Carey was driving “erratically” and was shot while inside her car after refusing to stop for officers on Maryland Avenue near the U.S. Capitol building. But images from the scene don’t show a vehicle which has been involved in ramming gates. In the image below the nose of Carey’s Infinity is clearly shown with no identifying damage:

The front end of Carey's Infinity showing little to no damage just seconds after the incident ended. If she was ramming iron gates, she was doing it very politely.

The front end of Carey’s Infinity showing little to no damage just seconds after the incident that took her life ended. If she was ramming iron gates, she was doing it very politely.

In a strange twist to the story Eric Sanders, the family attorney, seems to have been targeted for removal from the situation and has been arrested for allegedly failing to pay past court settlements against himself.  Sanders has been outspoken about Carey’s innocence and called her a victim insisting the police report contradicts much of what was originally reported in the days following Carey’s death, including reports that she actually rammed security gates and hit an officer. “She didn’t run anybody over and she certainly didn’t crash into no gate,” Sanders said in an interview.

Miriam Carey Family Attorney Eric Sanders

Miriam Carey Family Attorney Eric Sanders

On October 12 Stamford Superior Court Judge Jane Emons denied an ex parte application filed by Sanders on behalf of Valarie Carey of Brooklyn, N.Y., seeking temporary custody of baby Erica who is currently in the custody of her father, Eric Francis.

Carey’s mental state has came into question since the incident, with friends and family giving accounts of a loving mother who was suffering from postpartum depression and psychosis. After the incident which took her life authorities found drugs used to treat psychotic illnesses, such as schizophrenia, in her apartment. Family members said she was a “troubled soul” but wasn’t a “terrorist” and didn’t deserve to die.

“Deadly force was not necessary,” said Valarie Carey, a grieving sister and retired NYPD transit police sergeant who lives in Bushwick. “They could have rammed the car or disabled the car.”

“There had to be something else they could have done,” said another sister, Amy Carey, a registered nurse who lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant. “She didn’t have to die. To know a child was in the car, too, why did they shoot?”

Funeral services for Carey were held this past Tuesday as family, friends and supporters gathered to remember Miriam.  Family friend Gail Johnson, 50 of Brooklyn, was in attendance and said Carey’s death was an awful loss but she was amazed at the strength of the family she left behind. “She had a great heart,” Johnson said.



Carey is considered to have been deranged at the time of her death – especially considering her paranoia that the U.S. government was watching her – but then again most Americans are now aware of  recent leaked reports made available by Edward Snowden that show just how far reaching the National Security Agency has been in keeping close tabs on all 310 million Americans as well as foreign citizens and governments – keeping a large database of phone records on all U.S. citizens, monitoring website activity and in one  case – even bugging the offices of the United Nations.

Perhaps Miriam Carey was deranged – maybe she was suffering from paranoia and  schizophrenia – but who could blame her? Those symptoms may have been amplified by realization of the factual invasion of privacy and the unlawful intrusion of big government into our lives. It isn’t right. It’s unconstitutional and if allowed to continue could very well become the catalyst for even more incidents involving American citizens who’ve reached a breaking point with the absolute madness and BIG BROTHER-esque tactics currently being employed by the elites  in Washington DC.

ed note: I’m monitoring this story and will update this post in the event of more news related to the death of Miriam Carey.

Day of the shooting coverage: 10.03.2013 – 2:45pm: There’s been a report of multiple shots fired and an injured police officer in the Capitol building area of DC where staff has been told by Capitol Hill police to take shelter. Police has put the entire Capitol on security lockdown amid the reports. People outside of the Capitol building were rushed into the court building by authorities. https://twitter.com/marcschloss/status/385834383762272256 monitoring. Please check this page later for updates. 10.03.2013 – 3:05pm

According to law enforcement sources, the incident may have started when someone tried to ram the gate at the White House before fleeing to the Capitol. A female gunman is reportedly dead on the scene and the lockdown has been lifted. WNEW’s Kevin Rincon reports that Capitol police rushed the building. Fire trucks are blocking Constitution Avenue and 1st Street and the area is swamped with police cruisers. There are unconfirmed reports that one police officer has been injured, according to the Associated Press. People standing outside the Supreme Court across the street from Congress were hurried into the court building by authorities after the shots were heard, and Capitol Police issued a shelter in place order. This story will be updated as more information becomes available.