weiner-flips-birdFormer congressman Anthony Weiner‘s failed New York mayoral campaign finally came to a head Tuesday night, and ended with a bang. According to NY-1 the former mayoral hopeful was last spotted giving members of the press the middle finger after delivering his concession speech at Connolly’s Pub – and then driving away.

Initial reports online indicate that Weiner was antagonized by the circus like atmosphere he encountered upon arriving at his primary election night party due to the presence of the woman at the center of the last sexting controversy – news which broke just in time to derail any hopes he may have had to become New York City’s next mayor.

The young woman, sporting new breast implants, nose job and reduced waistline due to some recent financial good luck, was dressed in a skin tight dress and platform heels. When asked by the press she admitted that she was there as “a blatant play for media attention,” and that’s exactly what she got. When Weiner arrived at the fiasco of an event he quickly ducked into an adjacent McDonald’s restaurant while being pursued by the sexter and her media frenzy, at which point security blocked them – allowing Weiner to make his way into Connolly’s and give his concession speech.

Since breaking the final sexting story the young woman, who’s name I’m withholding on principle, has begun pursuing a career as a porn star. Unfortunately for her, her first shoot was with a man who just days prior had sex with another porn actress who has since tested positive for HIV.

I’m no Weiner fan – God knows I’ve taken my fair share of shots of verbiage at him during the course of the past couple of years – but that’s just because he’s a loudmouthed liberal politician with a funny name(I also know another guy named Boehner who has a funny name when it’s pronounced properly). But in Weiner’s defense, which is a term I’ve never typed or read before, what the young woman did, in my opinion, is much worse than any sexually inappropriate behavior that Anthony Weiner could have possibly delivered via twitter. She intentionally entrapped and wound up destroying another human being for self gain – and as if that wasn’t bad enough, she returned to the scene to rub more salt into the still oozing wounds in hopes of getting her mug and new plastic tits on TV once more. I find that repugnant and deserving of infectious diseases which she now most likely has.