Nearly a dozen police cruisers approaching speeds of 20mph were in pursuit of an Indiana man scooting along on a stolen 2012 Linhai moped in Fort Wayne, Indiana Friday night. Forty year old Lagrant Smith was finally arrested after taking police and taxpayers on a meandering, 51 minute slow ride down several neighborhood side streets as he weaved onto and off of sidewalks and then fleeing on foot when the machine ran out of gas. Fortunately Smith was finally apprehended after officers used a stun-gun to subdue him.

One of the pursuing officers, Michael Joyner, said Smith was “just having a good old time. He knew his goose was going to be cooked … he turned it into a circus. This is very unique to say the least,” Joyner said. “One being the fact that it lasted so long and two being the fact that it’s a moped.”

Smith faces several charges including resisting law enforcement via vehicle and on foot, possession of stolen auto parts, leaving the scene of an accident, criminal recklessness, reckless driving and possession of marijuana.