During the Vietnam war Jane Fonda betrayed her nation and it’s fighting men. CBS and NBC both claim it’s urban legend but of the many accounts I’ve read in my research it seems an undeniable fact. We all know the communist lapdog media will never admit to or ever tell the truth even if they were at the pearly gates. Traitor Jane‘s current project The Butler dares to cast Fonda in the roll of honorable First Lady Nancy Reagan. How could anyone have the nerve to cast this vile winch of a person – one I will openly call ” a war criminal” – in the roll of such a magnificent first lady as Nancy Reagan? It’s just blasphemous and/or sacrilegious, I struggle for the correct words to represent my displeasure.

Fonda is followed everywhere she goes by a very disturbing allegation:

Col. Larry Carrigan and his company were cleaned/fed/clothed all in preparation for the visitation of a peace delegation which included Jane Fonda. Carrigan and his men had devised a plan to get a message out that they were alive for now. Each man palmed secretly a small peace of paper with their social security number on it. Later the men were paraded before Miss Fonda and the cameramen and as she walked along the line of American prisoners she snipped little rude comments while shaking each mans hand comments like “aren’t you sorry for bombing babies?” and “are you grateful for the humane treatment from your benevolent captors?” How disgusting of her!

hanoi jane fondaThe men believing this to all be a covert act on her part and trusting her each of them palmed her his little strip of paper. And she took them all never missing a step and once at the end of the line and after the cameras stopped rolling she went straight up to the officer in charge in complete dismay of the POW’s and placed all those little slips of paper in the officers hand. Three men died from the subsequent beatings, Carrigan was almost the fourth.

For years after their release the surviving POWs, Carrigan included, tried to bring charges of treason against Hanoi Jane as she is now known. Negligent homicide due to depraved indifference, granting aid and comfort to the enemy something Obama does almost daily – these would be good charges. Fonda was never formerly charged for her acts of treason and she continues to live a life of wealth, privilege and fame – undeserved.

Like Hilary Clinton, Fonda has blood on her hands. She’s guilty of crimes against the United States military; the crime of negligent homicide and aiding and comforting the enemy – which is treason, last I checked – unless the Obama administration has changed that too. And now this same Hanoi Jane Fonda dares to take a roll as the former first lady Nancy Reagan! An act very much intended to desecrate the legacy of Nancy & Ron Reagan.

“The Butler” chronicles the life of Eugene Allen (played by Forest Whitaker), a butler in the White House for three decades and eight U.S. presidents. Obama fan Oprah Winfrey plays Whitaker’s characters wife. Playing the former POTUSes and their wives — Robin Williams and Melissa Leo as the Eisenhowers, James Marsden and Minka Kelly as the Kennedys, Liev Schreiber as Lyndon B. Johnson, and even John Cusack as Richard Nixon.

So, for conservatives – it’s advisable to skip The Butler or stock up on Tums and hip boots prior to the release on August 16th.

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