Because of regulatory concerns and because the leftist mainstream media despises Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry – liberal minded wing-nuts now feel they’re free and even justified to add to the suffering of the survivors of the West, Texas fertilizer facility explosion by attacking and undermining the heroism of the volunteer firefighters of West, Texas and surrounding fire brigades – who rushed into certain death and perished attempting to save their town and it’s inhabitants from near certain destruction.

Radical leftist bigots against Patriot Americans the internet over have came out of the woodwork like cock roaches at midnight – posting demoralizing and disrespectful comments on social media and article trails in volume – and in some cases even making fun of the deceased and injured people of West, Texas. Many of the comments assert that the firefighters there that died don’t deserve to be remembered and recognized as heroic. One such facebook group I posted into yesterday immediately bombarded my pro-West, Texas submission with venomous bile based purely on their opportunistic political agenda.

Where were these points of regulatory conjecture and blasphemous cartoons depicting satirical images of the Twin Towers collapsing? Oh you didn’t know? Yeah, according to FOXnews the Sacramento Bee published a cartoon on Thursday (see it below) which – speaks for itself.  Perry has written the paper demanding an apology, but the editorial page editor as well as the “artist” refused.


In a letter to the Bee’s editor, Perry said:

“It was with extreme disgust and disappointment I viewed your recent cartoon. While I will always welcome healthy policy debate, I won’t stand for someone mocking the tragic deaths of my fellow Texans and our fellow Americans,” Perry wrote. “Additionally, publishing this on the very day our state and nation paused to honor and mourn those who died only compounds the pain and suffering of the many Texans who lost family and friends in this disaster.”

The dispute over regulatory gaps, which may very well be at fault in the cause of the initial fire that eventually left 14 dead, hundreds injured and a 90 foot wide, 10 foot deep crater in the center of West, Texas, have zilch to do with the fact that these brave people died in service to others, no different than the firefighters of New York City who rushed into the Twin Towers attempting to save lives.

‘GASP! How dare you, bigot Ed! Compare the Texas red-state volunteer firefighter blah-blah-blah deaths with the deaths of REAL hero’s who gave their lives on 9/11!!!! That was an act of terror!!!!! Texas was just some accident that could have been avoided with MORE REGULATIONS.’

Are you ready for your brain to make a connection that your master, the mainstream democrat controlled media, doesn’t want you to make? If not read no further. If you’re interested in comparing truism’s, please continue.

Is it not fact that poor regulations and building standards contributed to the ultimate collapse, which caused the majority of the deaths on 9/11, of the Twin Towers as well? In fact, when the Twin Towers were built NO fire sprinkler system was installed, isn’t that correct? A makeshift system was installed years later, but it was inadequate according to modern regulations and because it was installed out-of-place years later – it snapped like a twig upon impact of the airplanes because, unlike a fire-sprinkler system which is installed as the building goes up, INSIDE the frame, this “home depot” system was simply installed outside the drywall facade to give the appearance of compliance.

The City of New York also, perhaps the most damning evidence of poor regulations,  issued a waiver allowing the spray-on fireproofing to be half the thickness that your  precious REGULATIONS called for. That according to a federal study performed by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Isn’t that correct?

According to that same study there was also a shortage of staircases. I’m sure regulations should have dictated just how many staircases such a building should have had? Don’t you agree?

And finally, the core of the buildings were constructed of flimsy drywall fireproofing board of a couple of inches, when in fact that type of structure called for, according to the regulations at the time, solid core walls constructed of masonry.

Your building regulations which WERE in place at the time of 9/11 – failed to protect the Twin Towers. No different than your gun legislation promises and fails to protect innocent citizens. They’re words on paper, nimrods – unless people abide by those words, the existence of the words has little impact on the outcome of such an event.

My point isn’t intended to detract from the sacrifice of those who perished in the terror attack of 9/11 but rather to make this point: following 9/11 conservatives DID NOT stoop to politicizing that horrific tragedy because of BUILDING REGULATIONS – we have more class and more dignity and self respect than to bow down that low to the spirit of hatred all in the name of political points. Conservatives care about their fellow Americans regardless of which state they live in or what party they belong to.

It’s true, as of this writing, that the West, Texas disaster hasn’t been deemed a terrorist act, but the jury is still out on possible causes of the fire which resulted in the explosion. The ATFE is restricting access to the blast site and the investigation is still ongoing. I personally feel it, as well as the wildfires last summer, were terrorist related arson.

But theory aside, human death and suffering is less about the cause and more about the healing. Honoring the lives of those that died and respecting the feelings of those who survived is much more important than winning political arguments at their expense.

Bonus Opinion:

Grow up lib’s… and while you’re at it, grow a brain. Stop insisting that Americans are bigots who jump to Islamic conclusions every time an explosion occurs. Islam has bought and paid for that reputation on a worldwide basis – no different than any other person or group of people who are known by their radical policies and actions. Why you lefties insist that Americans have no right to judge that group of Islamic radicals based on their past actions – is a testament to your ignorance and political inferiority.