On Wednesday night President Obama made reference to the physical appearance of California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris at a DNC event in Atherton. Obama noted, “She’s brilliant and she’s dedicated, she’s tough. She also happens to be, by far, the best looking attorney general. It’s true! C’mon.”

Considered an up and coming political star within the Democrat party, Harris is attractive, but THE best looking attorney general? By far? C’mon yourself, Mr. President – that assertion could be highly debated. Perhaps you might have said she’s the best looking AG that agrees with your political philosophies – but the best looking AG in this humble authors opinion is none other than Florida’s Republican State Attorney General Pam Bondi – who’s just as brilliant and even tougher.


I know she’s too conservative and too white for you to praise, what with “old, rich white people” being the recent root of all evil – but she stands toe to toe with Harris in the “looks department,” and in my opinion, is the fairest of the two – very beautiful ladies. I know my opinion means squat and President Obama’s means the difference in failure and success for politicians like Harris – but I felt Bondi deserved a nod as well. According to numerous reports I scanned, she too is a rising star in her own political party:

Florida Political Yearbook 2013 – AG Pam Bondi

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi had the biggest 2012 in Political Florida for any Republican not named Rubio or Jeb. The rising star of the GOP got to moderate a national debate, got to tour across the country with Mitt Romney, and had a prime RNC speaking slot (despite the actual speech) what’s next for Bondi in 2013?

Before all you lefties and women start jabbing at me about expressing my opinion on such an insignificant matter  – realize that it was President Obama who initiated this beauty contest. If Obama can do it –  include beauty in his list of reasons why a politician is noteworthy – it must surely be PC for everyone else to follow suit.

According to CNN Obama made two appearances for the DNC campaign committee  on Wednesday night while giving props to his latest girl crush – raking in over $3 million for their effort.

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Florida AG Pam Bondi – Too White & Too Conservative to be a contender for President Obama’s “Best Looking AG” Contest

UPDATE April 5:

President Obama has apologized to California State Attorney General Kamala Harris for causing a “distraction” by complimenting her on her looks.