voter-fraud-ohioVeteran Cincinnati Poll worker Meloise Richardson has been indicted on 8 counts of voter fraud in Ohio stemming from her election 2012 votes. Richardson has been charged with one count of voting for herself twice and 7 counts of voting on behalf of other family members. If convicted she could face as much as 12 years in prison.

According to Fox News Ms. Richardson was an Obama supporter and when confronted on camera was emphatic that her votes were “absolutely legal votes.”

The prosecuting attorney said a few votes may seem trivial but nothing could be further from the truth, adding “this is not North Korea.”

The video also mentions a nun voting for another nun as well as a husband who voted for his deceased wife. The prosecutor stated that two other cases were still under review.


The screen clip below is a great little article from 2011 that sheds more light on how the system is being gamed, and by whom, using absentee ballots. In this atmosphere of voter cheating, it seems counter productive for the Obama administration to insist on relaxing voter ID laws across the country – which will make it easier, not tougher, to get away with voting numerous times.