moore-morgan-assault-banPiers Morgan welcomed Michael Moore onto his political freak show for an interview in response to the news that Senate majority leader Harry Reid(D) caved to republican pressure over the assault weapons ban. Before the hour long game of political twister was over the pair were barking and hurling insults at their Democrat party members for not pushing the measure through and at one point appeared to be on the verge of making love on the set. Could you imagine that – reproduced?

Moore, whom you may remember from such leftist hit documentaries ; ) as  “Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9/11,” referred to democrats as “weenies” for their refusal to attempt a direct attack on the republican minority in the senate over the assault weapons ban, mentioning Reid by name:

“Harry Reid and these Democrats, this is not something that’s unusual. Democrats have a history of backing away, backing down,” explained Moore. “They’re the ones that accepted the new math that majority meant 60 instead of 51. This attitude of, ‘Well, we’re not gonna be able to … we’re not going to get’ … We have these weenies on our side.”

Get your barf bag ready and spend some time analyzing the minds of two of the lefts most brilliant thinkers:


Michael Moore : If Gunman Killed Harry Reid’s Grandkids He Wouldn’t Drop Assault Weapons Ban