Herman Cain

On Monday former presidential hopeful Herman Cain submitted an article to Newsmax titled Obama Is Neither Dictator nor Leader. Cain explains that U.S. President Barack Obama uses the “I’m not a dictator” pledge “not for the purpose of exalting the separation of powers inherent in our system,” but rather “as an excuse for not accomplishing things.”

Explaining “the difference between leadership and what Obama does,” Cain asks the reader to consider that Obama, while falling well short of dictator or leader, is in fact practicing political gamesmanship in an attempt to win hollow public support or, at the very least, to turn public sentiment against his foes in congress:

[box] CAIN: After all, the polls continually show that the public takes his side in the showdowns with Republicans. Doesn’t the mean he’s leading? Doesn’t that mean he’s selling his ideas to the public and the Republicans are just being obstinate in their refusal to go along?

No. That’s not leadership. That’s political gamesmanship. Obama is very good at that. Political gamesmanship means that on any given day, you can convince a fed-up citizenry to be madder at the other guy than they are at you. Or you can impress the media with the notion that you’re outmaneuvering the other guy politically, such that they praise you for your shrewdness and the public reads headlines of another “win for Obama.”

Political gamesmanship keeps your poll numbers looking good, but it’s not leadership. Leadership is when you honestly put forward your vision for the nation, and the public is so sold on your vision that they not only support it but demand that their representatives in Congress do the same.[/box]

Cain wraps up his work with a simple, common sense observation –  in a style that’s all Herman Cain: “He[Obama] is not very good at the job of being president of the United States.”