patriot-groupsThe Southern Poverty Law Center has released a report which makes the previous DHS and West Point reports on radical right-wing extremism pale in comparison. This latest study by the SPLC is extremely political in it’s verbiage and directly attacks many “Patriot” themed groups which are well known to practice peaceful dissent of a government which many agree has grown too large too quickly. The harsh summary states that “the Patriot movement generally believes that the federal government is conspiring to take Americans’ guns and destroy their liberties as it paves the way for a global “one-world government.” The study defines patriot groups as: anti-government militias driven by their fear that authorities will strip them of their guns and liberties.

According to the “intelligence report” from the SPLC these “Patriot groups” are upset because a pro-NWO African American became president and is now threatening to impose strict gun control measures, drawing similarity to former president Bill Clinton’s 1993 Brady Bill and his 1994 ban on assault weapons – “along with what was seen by the right as the federal government’s violent suppression of political dissidents at Waco, Texas, and Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in the early 1990s, led to the first wave of the Patriot movement that burst into public consciousness with the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing,” – which comes extremely close to implicating all patriot groups, regardless of their views and philosophies, into that domestic terror attack which left 168 men, women and children dead in 1995. Ironically the Department of Homeland Security‘s 2009 report also included reference to the Oklahoma City Bombing – but contradicts this latest report by asserting that “right-wing radical groups” actually decreased in number following the OCB due to the obvious distaste left following that incident, and at one point even began gauging the bombings “effectiveness at quelling dissent.”

This latest SPLC Hate & Extremism study heavily implicates racism as a factor for the rise in radical patriot groups:

[box type=”warning”] “For many, the election of America’s first black president symbolizes the country’s changing demographics, with the loss of its white majority predicted by 2043.”[/box]

…and subtly blends racism with gun control as some sort of combined reason for the surge in anti-government groups:

[box type=”warning”] “Even before the Dec. 14 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, gun and ammunition sales shot up in the wake of the re-election of the country’s first black president, the result of shrill conspiracy theories about Obama’s secret plans to confiscate Americans’ guns.”[/box]

So exactly who is this report implicating? From the report:

[box type=”bio”] The Oath Keepers, a conspiracy-oriented Patriot group of current and former military and law enforcement officials, issued a threat — “MESSAGE TO THE OATH BREAKERS AND TRAITORS: We will never disarm” — and added that gun control plans were “unconstitutional filth.”[/box]

[box type=”bio”] Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman called the proposals “a declaration of war against the American people” and demanded “liberation” from the “evil clutches” of proponents.[/box]

[box type=”bio”] Right-wing outfits like said a “Communist coup” was under way. The anti-gay Family Research Council charged Obama with “dismantling” the country.[/box]

Others who the SPLC thought were “Patriot group” worthy-enough to include:

right-wing-patriotsSen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) – Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.) – State lawmakers in Arizona, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee who proposed laws that sought to prevent federal gun control from applying to their states – Richard Mack – Matt Barber – The Liberty Counsel – Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes – The Tea Party –’s Tony Adkins – The Conservative Monster – Chuck Baldwin, a Montana-based Patriot leader long associated with the Constitution Party – Daniel Miller, president of the secessionist Texas National Movement – The American Family Association – Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality –  the John Birch Society – and the United States Patriots Union.

Perhaps the most telling sign that this entire report was written by a member of the “radical left” is the following assertion which proves without a doubt that the author is either writing from a purely partisan standpoint or missed his last few doses of medication:

[box type=”warning”] Even before serious talk of gun control began in Washington, the far right was already in something of a meltdown in the immediate aftermath of Obama’s re-election, which came to many who got their campaign news from right-wing sources as a jarring shock.[/box]

The report goes on to blame the far right for destroying ACORN – which it claims was a community organizing group (somewhere, there’s a community organizing group missing it’s community organizer idiot leader) and that ACORN should actually be credited with robbing Mitt Romney of the presidency in 2012.

The liberally slanted report reaches so far in it’s attempt to villianize “patriot groups” as radical, hate filled terror cells occupied by crazed “shooters”” entertaining domestic radical-right plots, conspiracies and racist rampages that it even includes quotes from a Virginia Klansman as well as White News Now, a website ran by white supremacist Jamie Kelso.

It also alleges that  there have been over 100 acts of violence committed by violent right wing patriot groups since the bombing in Oklahoma City but names just 2 or 3, with the highlight of that sparse sampling the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin in which 6 people were murdered by a lone gunman who was reported to be a “neo-nazi.”

And finally in closing his rant, the author reverts again to citing racism towards President Obama coupled with pro-gun insanity for the rise in “the radical right’s growth” – which, in the very next sentence, he renames ever so cleverly to “Patriot Growth.”

[box type=”warning”] “Now, it seems likely that the radical right’s growth will continue. In 2012, before Obama’s re-election and the Newtown, Conn., massacre, the rate of Patriot growth had slackened somewhat, although it remained significant. Anger over the idea of four more years under a black, Democratic president — and, even more explosively, the same kinds of gun control efforts that fueled the militia movement of the 1990s — seems already to be fomenting another Patriot spurt.”[/box]

It’s a real piece of work, in the true comedic form of the term; so stretched and maligned in it’s flailing assertions that, thankfully, no one is going to take it seriously. It’s credibility is also flawed by what CNN referred to as “unfairly bundling together organizations with vastly different points of view — and painting them all as potentially violent.” CNN then produced the founder of one such group, Linda Hunnicutt of “Granny Warriors” – which appears on the SPLC list of active “patriots.” Hunnicutt denounced violence and stated very clearly that her and her constituents were only concerned for the well being of the American way of life:

[box type=”bio”] “I’m 74 years old. I have COPD. I have congestive heart failure. I’m sewing a quilt.”[/box]

It really makes a person stop and ask themselves, where were all these evil-radical-patriot-terrorist-meanie reports a few years ago when liberals were marching in the streets against a white republican president and insisting that he be tried for treason. Crickets for the liberal extremists, but replace the abortionist’s hoop-shaped knife with a cold beer and a shotgun and all of a sudden we’ve got ourselves a gang of racist, hate filled extremists hell bent on blowing up America.

Look! –  there’s a group of the evil, twisted, terror sponsoring bad guys now:



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