SC Gov Nikki Haley

South Carolina’s  fiscal conservative republican Governor Nikki Haley criticized Washington lawmakers today during a blistering press conference for the Republican Governors Association.

“I could not be more frustrated than I am right now. How many more times are the governors going to have to pick up the mess of Washington DC? How many more times are we going to have to deal with these issues over and over again because of the finger pointing and the blame game that keeps on happening in Washington? What I will tell you is – we heard today a whole lot of ‘no.’ And that seems to be the new word in DC is ‘no’ from everybody.”

Adding fuel to the fire of the impending $85 billion dollar across the board spending cuts which are slated to begin by weeks end if Congress and the White House don’t work out a deficit reduction plan, Haley’s words echoed the sentiments of many Americans both Republican as well as Democrat and insinuated that the president and members of Congress aren’t working hard enough and putting forth enough effort:

“Something’s wrong. My kids could go and find $83 billion out of a $4 trillion budget. This is not rocket science. What this is is an inability to want to get to work,” she said.

In a direct jab at the president’s recent 10 days vacay in Florida hitting the tee’s with Tiger Woods the first term governor said “no one should be going home. No one should be playing golf. No one should be taking vacations. What they need to do is do what these governors do everyday. We stay until we get it done.”

She further added that the federal government has grown too big and had too large of a role in peoples’ lives.

“Has there ever been more of a time where government was more intrusive than it is today? And to the point that it is really psychotic. There is something very wrong in this town.”

Haley and other state executives are in town for the National Governors Association annual winter meeting. The select group heard from President Barack Obama Monday morning at the White House, where he urged governors to put pressure on Congress to avert the upcoming fiscal slashing.

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