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Others involved in this incident have since been released but Clagett, who has spent all of his time in segregation, remains locked away in Fort Leavenworth. His punishment seems cruel and unusual.

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From Jim Campbell’s article “Update PFC Corey Clagett a living casualty of the Iraq war:”

A Blackhawk helicopter dropped Corey’s squad off on an island consisting of two homes. The squad then approached one of the homes and discovered three military-aged males using two women as human shields. Corey’s squad handcuffed and detained the three men while the squad leader, Staff Sergeant Girouard, radioed Command to report the three detainees. The response was, “Why aren’t these terrorists dead yet?” Girouard held a meeting of the entire squad. He then ordered Corey and another soldier, William Hunsaker, to kill the three detainees. Corey and Hunsaker were coincidentally two of lowest-ranked members of the squad.

Staff SGT. Girouard ordered the men be un-cuffed and told to run. Girouard ordered PFC Clagett and Specialist Hunsaker to shoot the men.

From his Memorandum for PFC Clagett’s clemency Clagett’s attorney Timothy Parlatore writes:

Following the shootings, SSG Girouard took steps to cover up what had happened.  SSG Girouard first cut SPC Hunsaker on the face and arm, and then punched PFC Clagett in face. It was clear that SSG Girouard inflicted these wounds on PFC Clagett and SPC Hunsaker “so as to make it appear that the three detainees had attacked [PFC Clagett] and SPC Hunsaker during an escape attempt.”

The allegation that these men were trying to escape gave the appearance of the killings being justifiable. Staff SGT. Girouard threatened his men to stick to the story. Days later an investigation revealed the facts surrounding the incident resulting in PFC Clagett, Specialist Hunsaker, and Staff SGT. Girouard being charged with the deaths.

While detained in Kuwait, Clagett was held in isolation for 23 hours a day. He often went unfed and endured 24 hours of bright lights. Additionally, Clagett was chained and forced to sleep in the fetal position.

PFC Clagett’s family was able to secure a private attorney for him. Days before the trial, his attorney was indicted by the F.B.I. forcing him to turn to a JAG who had never handled a murder case. PFC Clagett agreed to plead guilty to avoid life without parole. He even “provided substantial assistance to the Government in the prosecution of his squad leader who ordered the killings.”

As of June 13th, 2014 Clagett has been held at the U.S.D.B for 7 ½ years all of which he has spent in some form of solitary confinement. He has spent a total of 8 years incarcerated.

To add further insult, Staff SGT. Girouard who gave the order was convicted of a lessor charge and was released from prison in the Fall of 2009, less than 2 yrs into a ten year sentence. Specialist William Hunsaker was released in March of 2013, leaving PFC Clagett as the only one remaining at the U.S.D. Common sense would dictate that PFC Clagett ought to receive similar consideration.

PFC Clagett had a clemency hearing on May 1st of 2014 of which he was denied again for the third time. PFC Clagett has assumed responsibility for his actions. He’s been punished disproportionately compared to the others.  Considering this young man has served more time than anyone else involved in this case, it is time this grievous judgment be set

If you’d like to mail Corey letters of encouragement and support you can send those letters to:

Corey Clagett #82477
1300 N. Warehouse rd
Ft. Leavenworth, KS 66027

 Update 9.9.14


Where do I begin? A lot has been going on since I last posted, so I will try to get it all in without completely boring you.

First and foremost, how is Corey doing? Corey is doing great!! Of course he would be much better were he free, but considering, he is great. I spoke with him yesterday (9.7.14), and he told me that he spent an hour and a half outside, in the SUN playing racket ball. This was the first time that he had been outside in a VERY long time. For years he was denied the privilege of going outside. It wasn’t until here recently that they gave him this privilege. It is still restricted, but it is better than nothing. The little things that we take for granted, are the most spectacular things to Corey and these other men. Being able to feel the sun on our skin, feel grass between our toes (which he has not been able to do in EIGHT years, and still can’t), smell flowers, feel the wind on our faces and to simply breathe in fresh air. Needless to say, he enjoyed his time outside.

Along with that, he/they (there are 3 of them in protective custody) have recently been able to be out together, two at a time, for a few hours a day each week. For the eight years that Corey has been confined, he has spent all of that time in the SHU (Solitary Housing Unit). What that means is that he has been segregated from general population and unable to be out with other inmates. Can you imagine? Along with that, he spent 23 hrs a day locked down in his cell. There have been brief moments since he moved to PC (protective custody) a few years ago, that he was out more than one hour a day, but until recently, his time out was very limited.


We are VERY happy to report that things are starting to change, and for the better. On top of him being able to have human contact (aside from when myself or our friend have visited), they have also started allowing them to participate in treatment programs. Or I should say, a, singular program. BUT, we will take it!! Every other week someone comes to their tier, and they get to participate in one program. This is crucial for Corey, as he has not been able to participate in ANY rehabilitation programs in 8 years. He did complete an anger management program a few years ago, after having fought to be able to. Other than that, nothing. This is extremely important for him, and for parole purposes.

A new pair of eyes:

After many months of thinking and praying and toiling with some ideas, Corey came to the decision to retain a new pair of eyes to take over his case. We are delighted to welcome Lt Col USMC (Ret.) Colby Vokey  to “Team Corey”. Mr. Vokey is a well known and HIGHLY respected Military Defense Attorney. We are excited to see what he is able to bring to the table. Corey has complete confidence, that he will put nothing but 100 % into him and his case.

On that note:

Along with obtaining a new pair of eyes, it is that time of year when we begin preparations for Corey’s clemency/parole hearing in January. There are two stages to his clemency/parole proceedings. He goes before the board at Fort Leavenworth in January. They then turn in their decision/recommendation to the board in Arlington, VA.  In April or May, Mr. Vokey will go before the main parole board in Arlington, where he will fight for, and speak on Corey’s behalf.

That being said, we need your help. Would you be willing to write a letter on Corey’s behalf? I encourage you to write to Corey. Get to know him over the next few weeks and months. See if you can walk away without wanting to help in some way. These letters DO make a difference. For more information regarding how to be a part of this, please click on the links provided. Also, for more up-to-date information, please also join Corey’s facebook support page. There is a wealth of information on there as well.

Clemency/Parole Letter Information


Please take a moment to sign and share this petition.

Breaking news:

After many request for Corey to sell his artwork and/or do custom orders, he has finally decided to give in. I say “give in” because for a long time he did not think that he was good enough for such a thing. He is also VERY serious about his art, and extremely meticulous. He puts a lot of time into his work, and he has been afraid that he wouldn’t be able to deliver what people might want. But, through lots of encouragement, along with gaining self confidence, he is ready to share his talents with the world.

He is currently working on a war piece that he will be selling to a supporter as soon as he finishes it. If you are interested purchasing something from Corey, please send an email to You may also write to Corey directly and let him know that you are interested in purchasing something. This is a GREAT way to help Corey financially. It will help give him confidence, as well as allow him to feel like he has earned the finances, vs them just being handed to him. You can view some of his artwork here. He can do just about anything you want. He uses many materials including but not limited to; pencils, charcoal, water color and paint. If you would like him to draw a family portrait for you, send him a photo. Are you an animal lover and would like to have a portrait of your pet? Send him a photo and he can make it happen. He really is an amazingly talented artist in every way.

This report is part of the DCX exclusive Leavenworth 10 – Uncommon Injustice series.

 Update 7.28.14


NEW RELEASE: The United American Patriots recently released a short but in depth video clip highlighting Corey and what they do as an organization. Please take a few minutes to watch it, and after you have watched it please share it and ask your friends to share as well. Share it anywhere you can think of. Email it to people, tweet it, share it on all of your social medias etc. The more people that see it, the better. It not only gets Pfc. Corey Clatett’s story out there, but all of the other guys as well. It will also help to promote The UAP which will in turn help our guys. Thank you all in advance for watching and sharing this information.


Update 7.25.14


On June 19th, 2014 Corey Clagett turned in his appeal letter to the parole board in Arlington, VA in an attempt to have his denial overturned. On July 24th, he received their response. It is with a heavy heart that I must inform all of you, that Corey’s appeal was DENIED, yet again. Their reasoning? Well, they really didn’t have a good reasoning. In fact, it was different from their reasoning for denying him after his May 1st hearing. How does that happen? When you have a REALLY good appeal letter, that counteracted their denial, and they know they can’t use that one again. It is beyond comprehensible as to why they feel the need to keep him confined there any longer. All it does, it make him more institutionalized, and keep him from being able to get the help that he really needs. They cannot provide him with the right treatment from within the USDB. As stated above, Corey is the only remaining soldier from his unit left at the USDB. It is unjust to keep him there any longer. We can release the taliban, yet we cannot release our own?? He has done enough time, and deserves to be set free.

Right now we are waiting on the next plan of action. Corey will correspond with his attorney over the next few weeks, and go from there. As his readers and supporters, I ask that you please pay attention to this plight and that if you can find it in your heart to write to Corey please do so. Send a card, post card, letter etc. His supporters are what help keep him going. If you have not already joined our Facebook group page, please do so to keep current and up-to-date on the “Life of  PFC.Corey Clagett“.  His address and the link to our Facebook page are both listed above.

 Update 7.24.14


What happened to PFC Corey Clagett of the Leavenworth 10? This is the question that many have been asking since he first appeared in the news in May of 2006. Well, eight years later he is the last and only one remaining at the U.S.D.B out of all that were involved in his case.

On May 1st 2014 Clagett’s attorney, along with Major Bill Donahue from United American Patriots and COL Horvath, a friend and mentor of Clagett’s for the last 8 years, went before the parole board in Arlington to plead on his behalf. In less than a weeks time they came back with a denial for the third time in a row.

What is he doing now? Well, on June 19th he turned in his appeal letter and is patiently awaiting their decision. They have up to 60 days to decide if they will approve his appeal, or deny it.

In the meantime, Corey is doing all that he can to stay busy and to keep his mind off of the appeal. I was able to visit him not long after he was denied, which was something he really needed. Myself, along with a good friend went to visit Corey two weekends in a row (May-June 2014), and then myself again for a third weekend. I am also currently here visiting again (July 2014) and will return again next weekend. Visitations are crucial for his mental and emotional stability, along with the support of the American people.

We have a Facebook support page that has been a huge blessing to him. He has amazing supporters who write to him faithfully and help to keep his spirits lifted high. Corey is an AMAZINGLY gifted artist who spends most of his time drawing and creating wonderful masterpieces.

Right now I would say that despite all that he has been through, despite the pain, torment, torture, years secluded from human life etc. he is in a good place mentally and emotionally. He has a pretty positive outlook on life, and doesn’t live in an “Oh poor me” mentality. Of course there are moments when he gets down and feels hopeless, but it doesn’t take long for him to pick himself up and try again. He is currently waiting to enroll in some college courses that of which he has been unable to do for the last 8 years.

Upon his release (When the time comes) Corey will be going to North Carolina to work with The United American Patriots, while also attending college. Aside from being an amazing artist, Corey has a passion to help others, along with a passion for the auto world and customizing cars. He really is talented in more ways than not and I see him succeeding at whatever he puts his mind to.

If you would like to learn more and stay up to date on the “Life of PFC Corey Clagett”, please join us on Facebook.

For more information on similar stories and how you can be proactive in their lives, please  join the group; Free Our Wrongfully Convicted Warriors on FB

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