anon doj hackThe hacktivist group Anonymous, in rage over the death of internet activist Aaron Swartz, attacked the United States Sentencing Commission‘s website early Saturday morning, leaving behind their ominous message demanding justice reform and fair sentencing – and threatening the release of  sensitive and incriminating information to select news outlets about the DOJ in the case of noncompliance.

The masterfully written threat, which contained many nuclear metaphors to insinuate what could possibly be embarrassing leaks pertaining to current world events in regards to the Department of Justice, stated that the justice department “crossed a line” in regards to Swartz’s case and that it resulted in his death because of the DOJ’s applying of “highly disproportionate sentencing” – according to Anonymous. The 26 year old Swartz was facing federal computer fraud charges claiming that he had stolen millions of online documents – charges that could have cost him 35 years in prison. Anonymous said he “was killed,” because he “faced an impossible choice.”

Scwartz’s family has also said they believe the cruel and unusual potential punishment contributed greatly to what’s being widely reported as Scwartz’s death by suicide.

The controversial activist groups message was accompanied by this YouTube video which seems to revolve around images from the Cold War era:

Continuing with the theme, the anonymous author claims that the group has obtained “enough fissile material for multiple warheads,” which it would launch against the DOJ and “its associated executive branches, “ peppering in the names of a few current Supreme Court Justices, each in reference to a certain “warhead.”

Anonymous as well as their deceased friend Swartz  have been vigilant proponents of open access to information and open-source programming.