n-koreaNorth Korea is now promising a third nuclear test and more missile test fires, tests which they now claim are designed with one thing in mind: testing their reach in regards to hitting the United States mainland. North Korea’s National Defense Commission issued the following declaration on Wednesday, following a UN Security Councilexpanded sanctions smack down and condemnation of their last test launch in December:

“In the new phase of our century-long struggle against the United States, we do not hide the fact that various satellites, long-range missiles that we will continue to launch and high-level nuclear test we will conduct will target our sworn enemy, the United States. We will take steps for physical counteraction to bolster the military capabilities for self-defense, including the nuclear deterrence, both qualitatively and quantitatively.”


Kim Jong-un

Because of “US hostilitiesPyonogyang is threatening louder than ever to engage in a full fledged confrontation. The latest reports published by Japanese observers indicate that N. Korea’s ICBM program has escalated a great deal recently and considering they possess missiles capable of reaching the US West Coast, pose a grave threat. Not only do they possess the technology to get a missile here they also possess a decisive new nuclear weapon — a Super-EMP warhead capable of destroying electrical grids and infrastructure vital to our survival when detonated a few miles above the earths surface – destroying all modern forms of electronics including communications, transportation, banking and finance, food and water – everything we depend on.

Under sanctions dating from nuclear test fires in 2006 and 2009 the North was “paper banned” from further pursuing nuclear and long range missile technology, but those tests were comprised of armaments sporting plutonium which were detonated underground. The upcoming test fire has the international community concerned that Pyongyang may use highly-enriched uranium which would be a much worse scenario.  After the 2009 test and subsequent tightening of sanctions Pyongyang declared that it would begin enriching uranium. No time frame for the upcoming test has been given, and lawmakers in Washington have already called on North Korea to not carry out the 3rd test. “We hope they don’t do it. We call on them not to do it,”Glyn Davies, the top US envoy for North Korean diplomacy, said in the South Korean capital of Seoul.

Satellite imagery taken recently of North Korea’s underground test sites shows continued activity that suggests a state of readiness while 28 year old leader Kim Jong-un boasted during his New Year’s Day speech that the December 12 launch which included a satellite was a huge success, heaping praise upon the scientific community which is responsible for the technology. Banners hailing the event were posted on buildings across the capital.



The latest UN Security Council resolution demands Pyongyang abandon its nuclear weapons ambitions in a “complete, verifiable and irreversible manner” but according to nuclear scientist Siegfried Hecker who visited North Korea’s nuclear complex in 2010 North Korea at that time had enough weapons-grade plutonium to equip four to eight missiles. When compared to the current reports from Japanese observers, it’s quite obvious that N. Korea has not headed the UN’s warning. According to  Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, a former CIA nuclear weapons analyst and president of EMPact America, a citizens lobbying group, the threat of North Korea employing an electromagnetic pulse weaponwhich could destroy the electrical power grid feeding most of the lower 48 states is very real:

“..North Korea’s last round of tests, conducted in May 2009, appear to have included a “super-EMP” weapon, capable of emitting enough gamma rays to disable the electric power grid across most of the lower 48 states. North Korea’s nuclear tests have been dismissed as failures by some analysts because of their low explosive yield. But Dr. Pry believes they bore the “signature” of the Russian-designed “super-EMP” weapon, capable of emitting more gamma radiation than a 25-megaton nuclear weapon…”

Nuclear-News.netsuggests that North Korea is now the most immediate threat to our civilization:

North Korea now has an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of delivering a nuclear weapon to the United States, as demonstrated by their successful launch and orbiting of a satellite on Dec. 12, the Washington Times reports. In fact, the Times report says, “North Korea is a mortal nuclear threat to the United States – right now.” The [EMP] scenarios suggest massive starvation, lawlessness and chaos beyond anything Americans can imagine.

Peter Vincent Pry of The Washington Times wrote a very convincing argument for being concerned about North Korea now and suggested a solution:

The president should immediately issue an Executive Order, drafted for the White House earlier by the Congressional EMP Commission, to protect the national electric grid and other critical infrastructures from an EMP attack. The Congress should pass the SHIELD Act (HR 668) now to provide the legal authorities and financial mechanisms for protecting the electric grid from EMP. The Congress should enhance Defense Department programs for National Missile Defense and Department of Homeland Security programs for protecting critical infrastructures. The administration and the Congress owe the American people security from an EMP Apocalypse.

But are we over dramatizing the situation a bit? After all the west coast of the United States is heavily guarded by Patriot defense systems which cost us approximately 12 billion a year to keep operational. But according to David Wright, a missile defense expert and co-director of Global Security at the Union of Concerned Scientists:

“I think the U.S. would not be able to rely on its missile defense system.”

Wright also points out that North Korea’s satellite from the December launch, which could possibly be used to guide a long range missile – is still in orbit and will most likely remain there for many years to come. korea-US-missle The U.S. has had 12 years to prove to the world that it still has the stomach to fight an aggressive enemy and we’ve failed. What do we expect from the world’s bullies such as North Korea when we’re seen on the nightly news assisting our own enemies – training them no less, just to have our own precious troops shot in the back? How should those who hold the free world in contempt respond to our leaders insistence on issuing apologies to our enemies because of religious sensitivities? What example does it set when we allow Iran to continue to enrich uranium year after year while threatening not only us but Israel as well? What does North Korea think when they realize that our own President aided by our own congress is sending our prosperity to world terror groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah and The Muslim Brotherhood?

The United States is now perceived as soft on aggressive behavior and in light of the current trend of voting for “rock star” politicians instead of qualified leaders who have the stones to protect us we’re now faced with a very dangerous situation in regards to North Korea and anyone else who chooses to sucker punch us. But instead of protecting us here and now as well as emboldening future generations of Americans our leaders are daydreaming of ways to disarm us while preparing to go on a 90 day shopping spree via the “no budget no pay” bill which was just passed by Congress, further weakening our world status by sinking deeper into a debt so large we can never repay it.