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According to Newsweek, the second term of Barack Obama is in fact THE SECOND COMING, a term held sacred by Christians worldwide regarding the return of Jesus Christ.

The article author, Newsweek veteran and Obama season ticket holder Evan Thomas, has previously eluded to Obama as a God-like figure, most notably  in a memorable MSNBC interview during Obama’s first year as President:

“In a way, Obama’s standing above the country, above — above the world. He’s sort of God. He’s going to bring all different sides together.”

The magazines editor, Tina Brown, did her part as well, including gratuitously flattering photographs of the President, as per the publications liberally biased theme dictates.

References to an ObamaGod aren’t anything new. Who can forget Jamie Foxx‘s November 2012 post-election flatulation “first of all, give an honor to God — and our Lord and savior, Barack Obama!” – a comment which drew stiff criticism from John Hayward of Human Events who chided the actors remark in stellar fashion:

“Practicing Christians are not amused by the portrayal of modern secular politicians as replacements for Jesus. But presumably their feelings don’t count, because they won’t burn anything down in outrage.”

One can’t help but ponder and compare by contrast the recent worldwide uproar from Muslims over the improper and blasphemous application of Allah-esque terms, such as Allah-esque, in regards to that religions deity. Heaven forbid ya’ make a movie about Allah, a guy could wind up in prison for such a dastardly deed. American’s who support free speech in regards to Allah and his Islamic followers  can be sentenced to death and have arrest warrants issued for their capture from foreign countries. Eleven year old Children can be locked into prison with adults for accidentally burning pages of a quran while building a fire to prepare food.

Yes, the entire world either trembles in fear of reprisal or screams in rage at the idea of insulting Islam or Allah, while Christians quietly sit as their King is mocked, persecuted and made light of an a daily basis – and herein lies the fundamental difference between the young pubescent “religion” of Islam and the timeless and well rooted philosophies of Christ: Do unto others. Forgive. Turn the other cheek. Love. While Islam uses a bullhorn insisting it’s followers rape, murder and destroy anyone and anything that doesn’t conform to it’s grocery list of must do’s.

Barack Obama should be flattered to be even remotely associated with the lowest most dangling threads of Jesus Christ’s “laundry day” robe, but I’m sure he isn’t, because Barack Obama doesn’t subscribe to Christianity. Since becoming President his advisers have convinced him to claim it as his religion of choice – as do 70% of Americans when asked to give an answer besides “none of the above” – but he hasn’t lived it. Matter of fact, he’s lived against it, which explains the past four years of his Islamic appeasement and the propping up, on his part, of anything that wreaks of radical Islam.

The video below is a few years old, and I realize people can have a change of heart especially in regards to religion but Barack Obama hasn’t had any such change of heart since this video was produced. If anything, his Islamic convictions are stronger now than they’ve ever been, as is evidenced by his actions. If you aren’t familiar with those actions, you haven’t been paying attention. If you haven’t been paying attention then please stop voting: