A new controversial National Rifle Association ad hit the air yesterday and the mainstream media immediately came charging onto the scene howling and pounding their chests (good thing it wasn’t a full moon) to protect their President. The ad simply asks if armed guards are good enough for children who belong to influential families such as President Obama’s why he doesn’t support them in all schools, but the White House and the media instantly went into damage control mode instead of answering the question. George “snuffy” Stephanopoulos, a former democrat campaign manager turned “bias free” media broadcast “expert” who now reports his views via ABC claimed that the NRA ad was below the belt as it “invoked” the Obama girls:

We’re just hours from the President’s big announcement on gun violence. And the NRA is taking a hard first strike overnight. Very tough, very personal video. It even invokes the President’s children. We’re going to have all the details ahead.

The hostesses of  “the view” which I refer to as “the spew” were so eager to bash the NRA and defend their President that after playing the video they all began hissing and howling in unison, as is typical of a roundtable of leftist witches. The lovely and formerly slightly talented Whoopi Goldberg lead the hissing with some reverse hypocritical-ness:

And so to hold them to some sort of different standard like they shouldn’t have security is kind of ridiculous and I’m — I’m just — annoyed that we can’t have this discussion without, you know, being a name calling, an elitist. It’s not elitist for your child to have protection when you’re the President of the United States.

It’s intriguing that the only visually appealing member of “the spew” is also the same one who’s political views aren’t rooted in Barack Obama’s last bowel movement: Elizabeth Hasselbeck. But Hasselbeck pretty much took a pass on the subject, referencing Miss America and making a futile attempt at standing semi-firm while passing on the subject, most likely assuming that if she voiced her opinion she’d be inundated with leftist propaganda and hatred from her brain cell deficient co-hosts. That show makes me hurl, mentally, emotionally and visually – and no amount of cute Hasselbecks in the world will ever force me to watch it again (i haven’t in years, I get my report data from non tv sources, so don’t get aroused thinkin about me coming back to your show, ladies – not gonna happen).

Check out the evil NRA video below and decide for yourself (evil=truthful in the new PC age of Obama)