smart-gunsOn Friday Vice President Joe Biden and his Obama appointed gun violence task force indicated it was interested in “Smart Gun” technology which prevents guns from being fired or even loaded in some instances by anyone other than the registered owner.

“A lot could change, for example, if every gun could only be fired by the person who purchased it,” Biden said during a meeting on Friday. Notice the condition he gauged that against was “if every gun” was Smart Gun enabled.

Biden also mused out loud that such technology, if present at the time, “might have changed something in the case of the shootings in Connecticut,” because the shooter at Sandy Hook used weapons which were purchased by his mother. Had those firearms been equipped with Smart Gun technology the weapon itself would have analyzed certain biometrics as well as grip pattern to determine whether the rightful owner was attempting to use it, or an unauthorized person. In the latter event, the gun would disable itself. Certain models of Smart Guns are even equipped with devices that disallow loading by anyone other than the purchaser. One model I investigated for this report was controlled by a digital wrist watch, which armed and disarmed the pistol it was devoted to controlling.

After some reasearch I discovered that in 2000 The Department of Justice(these guys have their hand in all the gun cookie jars, lol) announced a partnership with Smith & Wesson and FN Manufacturing to study the idea of Smart Guns, stemming from the FBI’s concern that 57 police officers were killed in the 1990’s by their own weapons that had been grabbed from them. At that time another leading gun maker, Taurus International MFG, began to pair up with the New Jersey Institute of Technology to develop smart guns. Back then the technology wasn’t considered “stable” and many were skeptical of owning a gun which contained a lock out mechanism which wasn’t tried and true. As one person put it, “a credit card – you swipe, if it doesn’t work you swipe it again. When a gun owner brandishes a weapon in an attempt to defend themselves, there is no second swipe chance.” On those grounds, the techonolgy has been improved upon for the better part of the past 13 years.

Flash forward and it’s now a very new stable technology which stands to benefit greatly if legislation is introduced that either mandates or rewards gun owners for paying more for the added security. If you’re an investor with the funds to spare, this would most likely be a great industry to invest in, if you’re fast engouh, considering that it’s now being touted by the Vice President of The United States and could very well become a part of new gun control measures.

But gun industry groups such as the NRA, who says that Smart Guns are plain stupid, aren’t fond of the idea of placing limits on gun owners or the guns themselves and base their opposition on Constitutional Rights afforded Americans via the 2nd Amendment. Gun advocates are firmly opposed to these new technologies partly because many guns are bought in private sales and at gun shows, not gun shops which would have this technology available, it’s assumed – to activate and de-activate a registered user. Mandated fingerprinting technology would greatly inhibit if not completely eradicate private firearms sales.

One such Smart Gun company is Armatix. I’ve included a clip to their website, which is very interesting even if you’re opposed to the idea. It’s very informative and has lots of descriptive images: