obama-gun-store-owner-banA week after Cope Reynolds, the owner of Arizona’s  Southwest Shooting Authority, took out an ad in the local paper and posted a sign at his store banning Obama supporters from entering, Cope says that business is booming due to the attention his business has received from his anti-Obama promotion.

Mr. Reynolds says he has had hundreds of calls and emails from news organizations and supporters as well as the occasional fire breathing liberal – and yes, even the rare death threat – but that the proof of his genius business promotion can be found in his cash register:

“People are saying that I’ve alienated half of our customers,” Reynolds said, laughing. “No, I haven’t. I haven’t alienated any of my customers, because the people who voted for Obama don’t buy guns here. They don’t come here at all. I haven’t alienated. I’ve improved things. I have packages sitting on my desk to be shipped to places like Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Idaho, Nevada and California.”


But can the gun store owner actually enforce his new partisan rule? According to Reynolds he won’t be giving litmus test’s, but says he is considering giving discounts to non-democrat registered voters. Furthermore, Reynolds says that if Obama supporters want to break his rule and purchase a gun from him without revealing their political affiliations, he’ll make room, somehow, for their cash in his already bulging register.

Reynolds fears that the re-election of President Obama is a near guarantee of bad things to come for American gun laws and his fears are mirrored among conservatives nationwide, due largely to the U.N. Gun Treaty/Small Arms Treaty, which the Obama administration conveniently stepped away from just a few short months prior to Election 2012. It’s nearly certain that the treaty will be picked back up and talks resumed now that Obama has won a second term – and with it what appears to be a dwindling of republican backbone to resist his agenda on many issues.