hamas-militaryAccording to tweets by an Israeli military spokesperson, over 650 Hamas launched rockets have fell on Israel in the past 72 hours and now reports are surfacing (except in the mainstream media) that rockets have landed in Israel which were fired from Egypt – originating from the Sinai Peninsula and hitting a southern Israeli village causing damage but no injuries.

On Friday Egypt’s newly elected President Mohammed Morsi, a high ranking member of The Muslim Brotherhood, sent his prime minister to Gaza in a show of solidarity with the Hamas led Palestinian State. The building in which the meeting took place was later destroyed by the Israeli Air Force.

The meeting between The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas should come as no surprise to anyone because according to The Hamas Charter issued in 1988 Hamas is identified as the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine. You can read an unabridged version of that charter here. In short, the terror group Hamas which rose to elected power in Palestine in 2006, was spawned by The Muslim Brotherhood, itself a  “political party” which seems to be heavily favored to introduce democracy in the middle-east by the Obama administration.

This is where the tensions between the Obama administration and Israel finds it’s roots. The United States support for not only The Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in Egypt but also it’s insistence on funding Hamas led Palestine while removing spending restrictions for that money has underscored not just the Presidents indifference with Israel, but the collective willingness of everyone in our government, including Rip Van Boehner, to undermine the very safety of Israeli citizens. Obama’s re-election by a majority of Americans as well as the scattered Republican losses in the House sent a clear message to the rest of the world and in particular the middle east that we fully support the continued emboldening of Hamas and The Muslim Brotherhood in the region and that we have forsaken Israel. In reality what it means is – Americans aren’t paying attention to the issues relating to the middle east nor our governments pro Muslim Brotherhood themed foreign policy.

The outbreak of violence directed toward Israel in the days following the U.S. elections proves that the enemies of Israel now feel a sudden sense of renewed political vigor in the wake of President Obama’s victory. American’s chose four more years of undermining what many refer to as the most important alliance we enjoy with another country and the ramifications of that decision were nearly instant as Hamas attacked an armored Israeli patrol unit the very next day following Election 2012, the official beginning of the current conflict which is poised to see Israeli ground troops in Gaza in the next few days.

U.S. foreign policy in regards to the middle east is in shambles with nearly every country in that class being embroiled in some sort of pissing contest with it’s neighbor and much of it a testament to U.S. involvement in middle-eastern affairs – a tendency that too many presidents, both Democrat and Republican, seem eager to engage and the proof is in the destruction currently taking place there.  Not even during the height of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars during the Bush administration was violence and killing in the middle east so widespread – and for what? These revolutions which have taken place there have resulted in tyrants being ousted, yes – but the replacements are turning out to be just as bad, and in some instances, such as in Egypt, worse. Recognizing terror sponsoring “political groups” such as The Muslim Brotherhood from the pinnacle of world power in Washington, D.C.  is detrimental to achieving peace in the middle-east for the very reasons we’re seeing unfold before our eyes on a daily basis.

THE UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA (notice the caps, if you recognize the symbolism then you most likely agree with this message) has turned it’s back on Israel and the consequences – will be of biblical proportions.