vp-debate-ryan-raddatzI have never witnessed a more poorly officiated political debate than the Vice Presidential debate of October 11, 2012, between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. Moderated by ABC’s Martha Raddatz, the widely respected journalist appeared to give Vice President Joe Biden nearly twice as much time to speak as his republican challenger. While it’s true she really never checked either of the men, both of whom became frustrated with the other at various points along the way, Raddatz should have lip checked Biden after he repeatedly interrupted Ryan’s allotted time. It went waaaaay too far, way over the line of professionalism on Biden’s part.

The 90 minute long oversight was so blatant that I decided to dig a little deeper to see if there was a personal connection between Raddatz and the Obama campaign, and like most of my gut in-“stinks” …  it proved fruitful.

Raddatz’s former husband, Julius Genachowski, who Raddatz shares a son with, went to law school with Barack Obama – who was a guest at her wedding. Today Genachowski is the current head of the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) under the Obama Administration.  The FCC is the federal agency that Raddatz’s bosses at ABC as well as all other mainstream media – answer to.

Biden knew Raddatz was going to let him act belligerent – rude – and just flat out “low -pro” because of her affiliations with Barack Obama.

What was even more frustrating for me was Ryan’s unwillingness to return the favor when he had the chance even though he had aggravated cause throughout.

Regardless, the score is now 1 up. Obama had better take some pointers from Biden because his opponent, heavyweight debater Mitt Romney – isn’t as obliging with his time and was last seen pounding on the prez like a sack of potatoes.

I predict Obama chokes in the upcoming debate and ends his slim chances of returning to Washington for a second term because once a man takes a pounding from another guy, the ripple effects go on and on. Barack Obama has been eating and sleeping Mitt Romney. All he can hear when he lays down at night is Romney pounding away at him, eye to eye about the economy and taxes – telling Obama what a failure he’s been in front of an audience of 67 million people, many of whom agree.

Romney is flawless. Never stutters … never slips … never makes that weird eye contact thing as if he’s unsure of something he’s saying. Obama’s ultimate nightmare because a self-indulged narcissist only wants “good attention.”

Romney was the guy we wanted all along, many of us at some point along the way, however, have slighted him as ‘not a true conservative,’ – not a member of the club – and it’s bullshit. I don’t know any other politician who could have taken Obama to the woodshed like Romney did – not Gingrich, not Palin, not even the conservative movements golden boy Allen West. No one else is that smooth and polished.

By the time election day rolls around, Romney will fly out of a phone booth with a damn cape on and into history as our next great American President.


CNN is polling Ryan the winner of the debate. ABC commentators instantly gave the nod to Biden immediately following the debate, but it appears other networks saw things differently.

Perhaps ABC is closer to the FCC than CNN.













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