Military officials who are old hands in the Afghanistan theater are up in arms about this latest development, stating that the Pentagon is suggesting that the troops are to blame for their own murders:

“I would like to see a public affairs officer explain to the press where showing the bottom of your shoe to a Muslim or shaking with your left hand was legitimate grounds for murder. The cultural affronts excuse is a bunch of garbage. The Afghans that know we’re doing all this PC cultural sensitivity crap are laughing their asses off at our stupidity. They’re killing us because we’re ‘infidels’ occupying Islamic lands. It’s what the Koran and every imam over there is telling them, and no amount of cultural sensitivity is going to stop that or change the fact that we’re ‘infidels.’ ”

One intelligence official says that Muslim Sensitivity Training is absurd because the truly obnoxious offenses are committed by the Afghan security forces being trained and housed inside our very own bases. “They like to stand on our toilets and poop all over them,” he said, adding that Muslims refuse to touch the toilet seats used by ” filthy infidels.”

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