green-on-blue-attacksA rogue Afghan soldier identified as Ghazi Mahmood sat, smiling a smile of extreme satisfaction for the camera, as he stated “I opened fire on three Americans who were sitting together. The reason I killed them is because they have occupied our country. They are enemies of our religion.”

So far in 2012 there have been 33 U.S. soldiers killed by the very Afghan forces they are training. In the past 3 years, uniformed Afghans, trained by our beloved American military, have murdered at least 97 US and NATO troops. Referred to as “green on blue” attacks, the Taliban has taken credit for many of the killings, but Pentagon officials working with the Obama administration, have been very reluctant to admit the infestation – even in the face of the bloodshed of Americans. The bottom-line truth is, there has been a widespread infiltration of radicalism within Afghan security forces which our troops are training.

To add insult to injury, the Pentagon is now responding by – wait for it – blaming our troops, and requiring that all U.S. military personnel step up existing Islamic Sensitivity Training. Our pentagon officials believe it’s culturally offensive behavior, perpetrated by our troops on poor, victimized and thin skinned Islamic militants, that’s responsible for the loss of American life.

On the cover, it stinks. A few pages in, and the stench from this latest handcuffing of our military is so overwhelming it will physically make you sick. It’s the philosophy of our Pentagon that a soldier with his feet up on a table is being offensive. A U.S. soldier that in casual conversation asks to see a picture of his Afghan training partners family, is offensive. And the list goes on (and will continue a little further down this article).

In a recent interview, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey had this to say on the matter:

“There’s a percentage [of attacks] which are cultural affronts. It is our duty to teach this to them. Our indifference about these issues causes the incident.”

Dempsey’s remarks are a near carbon copy of concerns Gen. Sher Mohammad Karimi, the Afghan National Army’s chief of staff, made earlier this month. Both men claim that more needs to be done to “teach” foreign troops Islamic traditions and values.

In 2011 the U.S. Army published a special handbook for soldiers that attempts to justify Islamic jihad – describing it as the “communal military defense of Islam and Muslims when they are threatened or under attack.” The new manual was created to help soldiers become “culturally literate” with sensitivity and understanding of Islamic civilization. The manual has nearly three dozen informative chapters dedicated to subjects such as Muslim taboos, the five pillars of Islam, Jihad, the Quran and Muslim festivals. At the end of each section there’s a question that’s supposed to stimulate “critical thinking.” At the end of the jihad section the question is: “How can the concept of jihad add legitimacy to the claims and aims of Al Qaeda and others?”

It was around that same time last year that the Pentagon issued a request that all female U.S. soldiers hijabsin Afghanistan wear a Hijab , or headscarf,  in an effort to get closer to the local population. It wasn’t an order, but it was heavily encouraged, and according to Major Kyndra Rotunda, the executive director of the Military Law and Policy Institute, being “encouraged” to do something in the military is tantamount to being “ordered” to do it.

The rash of “green on blue” killings recently has prompted the Pentagon to require all troops be re-introduced to the philosophies in the Islamic Sensitivity manual. The new intense Muslim Sensitivity Training comes with “orders” – NOT encouragement to do so, but direct orders, which include the following:

  • Always wear surgical gloves when handling the Koran.
  • Never walk in front of praying Muslims.
  • Never, under any circumstances, shall any U.S. troop show the bottom of his/her boots while sitting or lying across from a Muslim, which in Islam is considered an insult.
  • Never share photos of family or ask to see photos of a Muslims family.
  • Never smoke or eat in the vicinity of Muslims during the month long Ramadan fasting.
  • Avoid, at all costs, cursing, winking or nose-blowing in the presence of Muslims — all considered insults in Islam.
  • Never exit the shower without a towel.
  • Avoid giving or taking things with the left hand, which in Islam is reserved for bodily hygiene and considered unclean.

If this seems like a list of “suggestions,” think again: Troops that violate Muslim Sensitivity Rules shall face severe punishment.

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