mek-terror-groupThe Iranian terror group Mujahedin-e-Khalq, or MEK, currently exiled to Iraq, is to be removed from a State Department terror list thanks to more poor decision making from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton, you may recall, made the decision NOT to employ our own military personnel at the Libyan Embassy, even after looming reports of planned hostilities. That poor decision cost American lives and I have no doubt that this latest weak minded decision will also result in bloodshed.

Formal removal from the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations will occur within a few days.

Inclusion on that list allows the U.S. to go after financing it deems to be benefiting such terror sponsoring groups as well as taking more piercing steps toward individuals associated with them.

MEK was responsible for the 1970’s killing of six American’s in Iran and an attack against the Iranian mission in 1992. It was added to the U.S. terror list in 1997.

Since 2004 the U.S. has considered the group a noncombatant and even went so far as to deem the members “protected persons” under the Geneva Conventions. The original members have been living in Camp Ashraf, Iraq but the auspices of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq dictates that the members be relocated to a temporary site at a former U.S. military base near Baghdad International Airport (formerly Camp Liberty) before being re-settled in “third countries”. (wink)

Obama officials acknowledge the decision was the subject of a contentious debate within the administration, with many who consider MEK a strange – almost cult-like group:

“While they present themselves as a legitimate democratic group worthy of support, there is universal belief in the administration that they are a cult. A de-listing is a sign of support or amnesia on our part as to what they have done and it does not mean we have suddenly changed our mind about their current behavior. We don’t forget who they were and we don’t think they are now who they claim to be, which is alternative to the current regime.”

Another official who wished to remain anonymous also added:

“The big test now is to start getting these people out of Iraq through the UNHCR and that is where we should return. Our ability to succeed on this is based on many factors, especially how the MEK behaves because countries will be determining whether they will take a large amount of refugees from this group,” another official said. If they think the notion of de-listing means they can run wild, that isn’t true. If they want to leave Iraq, they have to behave.”

MEL supporters lobby daily in front of the State Department, demanding that the U.S. remove the group from it’s terrorism list, and many members of congress have urged Clinton to do the same. There have even been cash payments from MEK to many high ranking U.S. politicians over the years – in exchange for speaking out on the groups behalf. Ed Rendell, former U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy, former FBI Director Louis Freeh, and former National Security Advisor James Jones are said to be a few of the benefactors of “cash for support” from MEK.

MEK leaders have been reluctant to complete the move. They complained about conditions at the new camp, calling it more a prison than a home after the first convoy arrived in February.


So, as the world burns in outer space from all the Mid East hooplah, our Secretary of State thinks now would be a good time to release a crazed bunch of extremist’s into the world. Brilliant!

I think one of the biggest perks of removing Barack Obama from office will be replacing Hillary Clinton with someone who can handle the job. She’s obviously in way over her head.

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