doj-websiteThe U.S. Department of Justice website has ditched the red white and blue banner – and what it’s been replaced with is quite disturbing to say the least. The staunch black background is reminiscent of a Muslim flag. Then there’s the caption “The common law is the will of mankind issuing from the life of the people.” The quote is by C. Wilfred Jenks, who in the 1930’s was a leading and voiced proponent of  “The international law” movement. The goal of this movement was simple: impose global common law by selling the idea of global worker rights. The combination of color and slogan on the DOJ website gives one the impression that our government is slowly – one department at a time – moving towards Marxism and implantation of Sharia law.

Simple slight of hand steps like this, the subtle changes – one at a time starting out of our field of vision then slowly closing in – creeping ever so slowly, fading into view dulling the senses along the way – is exactly how the government continues to shove anti-American philosophies down subsequent generations of citizens. Socialism is the precursor to communism. It’s a three card monte played on us by our government. See for yourself

And while you’re there, flip over to the 5th frame on the featured slider up top on the homepage and read all about “Accomplishments under the leadership of Attorney General Eric Holder.” Always good to read about Holder’s accomplishments. I’m sure we’ll soon be reading all about them in the police blotter or Black Panther Times. What a racist buffoon.


Can we set back now and allow this to happen? Marxism, communism, Sharia law – and it appears no more freedom of religion? Will you not stand and speak out! Email the Doj [email protected] Tell them to put it back the way it was.

Take down that Marxist banner!

And for those who don’t remember what the website looked like prior to the redesign, this is a screenshot from Sept. 2009 taken by the WayBack Time Machine found here: The following month, according to the WayBack website, the black design took effect.